Blac Chyna’s Ex Is Suing Her & Rob Kardashian For $2 Million In Cyberbullying Case

Blac Chyna and her baby daddy Rob Kardashian are involved in more legal woes as Chyna’s ex seeks $2 million.

The Lashed Cosmetics CEO’s ex, Pilot Jones, is reportedly suing the former couple for cyberbullying. According to TMZ, Jones recently filed legal documents that stated he lost an estimated $2,113,800 after Kardashian allegedly made racist remarks towards Jones via Instagram in 2017. Jones has reportedly broken down the costs and stated that Kardashian’s alleged actions caused him “emotional distress,” and he is seeking $500.000. Jones also believes that the Rob & Chyna stars’ alleged attacks on him made “fractured his family,” and he is reportedly demanding $250,000 for damages caused by that.

In addition, Jones states that the damages from the alleged attack caused him to lose out on his rent money, which he estimates to be worth $7,200. Chyna’s ex also reportedly wants to be reimbursed for a trip to Louisiana, as well as $250,000 for past and future medical expenses. Jones is also asking that the reality stars pay him $600,000 in lost earnings and $500,000 in punitive damages.

Jones and Chyna began dating in late 2015, per Us Weekly. The couple began to face problems when a photo of he and Chyna making out leaked to multiple outlets. Jones reportedly claims that both Kardashian and Chyna blamed him for the photo getting out, which is something he denies. Dream’s parents also reportedly outed Jones as bisexual and gave out his number to the public. Jones also stated that both Chyna and Kardashian threatened his life on several occasions.

Jones opened up about the dispute with Chyna and Kardashian when he sat down with Us in 2017. During the interview, Jones stated that the two became platonic after she was involved with Kardashian. Jones also said that he was disappointed by the way Chyna was treating him online.

“She’s not a little bit of a bully, she clearly did bully me — there’s no ‘little bit’ to it,” Jones said.

“The fact is that she tried to intimidate me via social media, and I don’t think that that is OK, and I don’t think that that’s right. At the end of the day, all of us in this situation are parents and look at the example that we are teaching. … These platforms are being used to really harass people. I was outed on social media.”

The model also stated that Chyna and Kardashian’s actions caused his two children to be bullied in school. He said at the time the bullying inspired him to begin a foundation called the Austin Aaron Foundation to bring awareness to cyberbullying.

Neither Chyna nor Kardashian have publicly addressed Jones’ latest lawsuit.

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