Reality Steve’s ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Demi Burnett Breaks Big Personal News During Season 6 Filming

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers have already revealed that Demi Burnett will be a part of the Season 6 cast, and her interest in participating probably didn’t come as a surprise to viewers. However, spoiler king Reality Steve just revealed some detailed information about her experience while filming that will definitely take the series to previously unchartered territory.

Viewers first met Demi during Colton Underwood’s The Bachelor season. Then, she popped up a couple of times early on in Hannah Brown’s Bachelorette run. Burnett had made it pretty clear she was up for Paradise, too, but it seems that her desire to participate wasn’t necessarily due to her quest to find the man of her dreams.

Reality Steve explains that he had been hearing some rumblings about this for a while. However, the situation is quite personal, and he wasn’t going to reveal what he had heard unless he learned that it was going to be part of Bachelor in Paradise this summer.

According to the Bachelor in Paradise spoilers gathered by Reality Steve, Demi decided to do the show this summer to reveal a fairly big personal detail about her life. Apparently, Burnett is bisexual, and she is currently dating a woman.

The spoiler blogger shares that he heard about Demi’s bisexuality back in January. However, he didn’t say anything because he felt that it was up to Burnett to go public if she wanted to at some point. Last month, Reality Steve heard that Demi was in a relationship with someone, which confused him in regard to her decision to do Bachelor in Paradise.

As it turns out, he says, Demi’s girlfriend will actually join the show, and Burnett uses all of this as a way to come out publicly about being bisexual. It turns out that her girlfriend is the roommate of one of her Bachelor besties, Catherine Agro.

Apparently, Demi’s girlfriend Kristian shows up during filming with a date card. After heading out on a date together, the two stick around on the show. Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that the two have been dating since February, and he says Demi coordinated this plan of coming out with the show’s producers.

This means that Demi and her girlfriend are breaking new ground within The Bachelor franchise, as they are the first same-sex couple involved. Of course, Kristian isn’t a veteran of the show, and they aren’t exactly going through the Bachelor in Paradise process like the other contestants. However, this will surely generate a lot of buzz as it airs.

How will viewers react to this upcoming twist as Demi Burnett airs as one of the Season 6 cast members of Bachelor in Paradise? Spoilers have teased that it’s going to be one of the wildest seasons yet, and Reality Steve will break down more details as filming continues.

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