This Is Why The Jonas Brothers Reunion Is Breaking All Kinds Of Records

Republic Records

The Jonas Brothers reunion is breaking all kinds of records as the trio capture the number one spot on the Billboard 200 chart with their fifth album, Happiness Begins. The album scored the biggest first week of 2019 with over 414,000 units sold and 68 million streams, according to an official press release from Republic Records.

This is the third number one album of the band’s career and significant because it is their first release as a band since the group took an undetermined hiatus from performing and recording in 2009. Republic Records also noted that the album also hit number one in Canada, and has high-ranking sales in the UK, Australia, Germany, and the Netherlands.

The Jonas Brothers initial musical comeback on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, “Sucker” was the first number one for the band in their long career. “Sucker” was at the top of the Billboard Pop Songs Chart for eight weeks, the and longest running number one song since Ed Sheeran’s “Shape Of You” in 2017.

Along with the album, the group also released an Amazon Prime Video documentary titled Chasing Happiness which details their meteoric rise to the top, what led to their disbandment and why they decided that the time was right for a comeback. The band will also release an upcoming memoir titled Blood in November 2019.

Their sold-out series of concerts titled the Happiness Begins Tour will kick off August 7th in Miami, FL and run through December, breaking just before the Christmas holiday season.

Before returning collectively to the spotlight, Kevin Jonas had settled into family life with his wife and two daughters, running a luxury home building company away from the spotlight.

Nick Jonas formed his own group titled Nick Jonas and the Administration and released one album before moving on to his own solo career with two hugely successful solo albums and starring television roles in Kingdom (2014-2017) and Scream Queens (2015-2016).

Joe Jonas continued making music, forming the band DNCE and scoring chart-topping hits with the singles “Cake by the Ocean” and “Toothbrush.”

Vulture reported in 2013 that after the band’s breakup, Joe Jonas had difficulty finding who he was as a recording artist. He did note to the publication that being in a band made the brothers closer as they were part of an experience that only two other people understand. He also revealed that being in a band with his brothers also led to the demise of the first leg of their music career.

Thankfully The Jonas Brothers were able to move past their now-iconic meeting where that initially was to discuss how to release their latest tunes. Instead, the mood turned combative, leading the brothers to disband. This experience allowed the trio to heal both personally and professionally as they move forward into the present day and truly enjoy the rewards of their latest venture.

Happiness Begins is currently available for purchase and download.