Spoilers For Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Josslyn Is Rattled As Danger May Be Lurking

Todd WawrychukWalt Disney Television

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday hint that Josslyn may soon be facing new challenges that aren’t connected to her grief over Oscar’s death. It seems that somebody is watching her, and it may not take long for her to pick up on this.

During Monday’s show, Josslyn had Trina and Cameron help her try to connect with Oscar via a séance. They briefly thought perhaps their efforts had worked, but then Joss was left disappointed when she walked outside and couldn’t pick up on a presence of any kind.

However, after Cam and Trina left, viewers saw that someone did seem to be outside the Corinthos house watching Josslyn. Is she in danger and who is watching her?

According to General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, something will leave Josslyn feeling quite unsettled during Tuesday’s show. That may mean that she has a prickly feeling that someone is watching her, but everybody will have to see what comes next during the June 18 show.

All signs point toward Josslyn facing some challenges for some time yet. General Hospital spoilers note that Josslyn will be suspicious in some sense during Friday’s show. In addition, next week Sonny will bring in some extra help to keep tabs on Josslyn.

While there could be several explanations for this secret somebody watching Joss from the woods, some fans suspect they already have this one figured out. As The Inquisitr previously detailed, the character of Dev will be popping up in Port Charles this week. It may be that Dev is the one sneaking around the Corinthos compound and keeping an eye on the house.

Viewers first met Dev when Sonny was in Turkey tracking down Dante. It’s not known yet how Dev ends up in Port Charles or what brings him there, but General Hospital spoilers suggest he’ll be sticking around. Some fans even have a hunch that he could eventually play spoiler to an upcoming romance between Joss and Cam.

There are fans who are also speculating that it may somehow turn out that Dev is another long-lost child of Sonny’s. That seems like it’d be something of a stretch, but it would certainly shake things up in Port Charles.

If Dev isn’t the one watching Josslyn, who is? General Hospital spoilers hint that there’s a lot more coming with Josslyn in the days and weeks ahead. The Inquisitr recently shared that actress Eden McCoy, who plays Joss, teased that she’ll be in the midst of some heavy duty chaos soon, and it looks like things are going to get pretty crazy in the weeks ahead.