Rob Kardashian Exchanges Explicit Messages With ‘Basketball Wives’ Star Evelyn Lozada On Twitter

Rob Kardashian seems utterly determined to make sure that his sisters aren’t the only ones getting the publicity in the Kardashian-Jenner family. Unfortunately, all the publicity Rob has been getting lately hasn’t been for anything positive, like the launch of a new project or product line, as is often the case for his sisters. Instead, he’s getting some scrutiny for his behavior online — namely, his flirting. The Inquisitr reported on an exchange he had with Natti Natasha, which led to Khloe Kardashian calling out her brother online. Now, according to OK! Magazine, he’s back at it again — this time with Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada.

Rob has been having some issues on the fatherhood front lately. As Cosmopolitan reports, he’s been in a battle with ex Blac Chyna about whether or not his daughter Dream should be allowed to be on reality television. However, rather than spending time with Dream on Father’s Day, it seems that Rob took to Twitter to get his flirt on — in a super lewd way.

In fact, the exchange Rob had with Evelyn was so explicit that both stars ended up deleting their respective tweets shortly after posting them. Since Rob doesn’t have an Instagram account, perhaps he has to do all his flirting on Twitter.

When it comes to Evelyn, it seems that the beauty has a very specific type. So far, just about every single major relationship in her life has been with an athlete. She was briefly married to football player Chad Johnson; dated and later became engaged to NBA player Antoine Walker for a decade; and dated MLB player Carl Crawford for a few years before getting engaged once again.

Given her track record, it seems that Rob is missing a crucial part of what she’s drawn to in men — athletic prowess. However, given the comment she made on Twitter, perhaps she’s willing to overlook that because of some physical attributes she believes Rob has. We’re not sure what Khloe would have responded to the exchange if it hadn’t been taken down so quickly. Given her comments on Rob’s exchange with Natti Natasha, we can only imagine what she would have had to say to Rob about his exchange with Evelyn.

Rob hasn’t confirmed any kind of relationship with the Basketball Wives star, but many are speculating about what may be going on between the two of them. In addition, he has been flirting with Natti Natasha on Twitter for several weeks.

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