Hannah Brown ‘Can’t Quite Quit’ Luke Parker, ‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers Tease She ‘Hits The Skids’

Mark BourdillonABC

Monday night, viewers will see what comes next for Hannah Brown and Luke Parker. The two had an intense and awkward one-on-one outing that aired last week, and she said she couldn’t give him the date rose. The Bachelorette spoilers tease that viewers will see some deeply emotional moments play out during the June 17 show due to this date, and host Chris Harrison is revealing some key teasers.

As The Inquisitr has detailed, Monday’s episode won’t follow the traditional format. The Bachelorette spoilers indicate that everybody will see what happens next in regard to Luke and Hannah, and it sounds as if the next rose ceremony will air. However, rather than another round of dates, it seems that fans will watch Chris and Hannah share a difficult talk, with some segments essentially recapping the season.

Harrison talked with ET Online to reveal a few teasers about what fans can expect next. While everybody saw Colton Underwood bail during his Bachelor season after he was shocked by Cassie Randolph quitting, people won’t see Hannah taking that route.

Chris says that Hannah “never walked away, or ran away” like Colton did. That said, Harrison’s Bachelorette spoilers do indicate that she will open up and get emotional about her frustrations with the Luke situation.

“These frustrations kept bubbling up because she likes the guy, and that was the tough part for us and everyone else because the guys really disliked Luke P. She wanted everyone to respect that, and none of the guys did.”

After the rose ceremony in Scotland, The Bachelorette spoilers have revealed that Hannah and her guys will travel to Latvia. Viewers will see that Monday night, but there will be a break before the next dates because of how much Hannah is struggling.

“[S]he really kind of hits the skids and bottoms out. She was emotional and wasn’t sure this was going to work…”

Spoilers break down that production will utilize this emotional talk between Chris and Hannah to do something of a reset, as well as a recap for viewers regarding what’s been going down.

Previews for Monday’s show tease that Hannah will say that the party is over, and it looks like the June 17 show will probably end with another cliffhanger. The edit may make it look as if Brown does walk away and quit the show. Luckily, The Bachelorette spoilers via other previews have confirmed that she keeps going.

Harrison told USA Today that the guys can’t get past all of the chaos that surrounds Luke’s presence. In turn, their continued drama related to Parker gets under Hannah’s skin and seemingly prompts the tears that she soon sheds.

Fans are anxious to see Luke Parker gone. Unfortunately, Chris says, “Hannah can’t quite quit him.”

The drama continues with Episode 5B as it airs Monday night on ABC. The Bachelorette spoilers tease that this won’t bring the end of the friction between Hannah Brown and Luke Parker yet though. Fans will have a lot to say about what comes next, and the drama won’t be ending anytime soon.