Farrah Abraham Gets Mom-Shamed After Posting Photo Of Daughter Sophia On Instagram

Mike CoppolaGetty Images for MTV

Farrah Abraham couldn’t seem to get a break from Instagram haters over the weekend. On Sunday, the Teen Mom star took to the popular social media platform to share a series of snapshots of her daughter Sophia Abraham after she won a pageant, but users of the social media app used the opportunity to berate the mother-of-one for stating she is proud of the values she is instilling in her 10-year-old girl.

In the first photo of the series, Farrah is seen holding hands with Sophia in front of a white panel featuring the names of the pageant’s sponsors, while the second photo shows just Sophia in her floor-length salmon gown.

However, what appears to have gotten on the nerves of Instagram users was Farrah’s caption, in which she goes on about how proud of she is of Sophia for investing in herself and becoming a “woman of value.” The 28-year-old reality TV star went on to state that Sophia is “selfmade [sic]” for creating her own brand, having her own agents and taking interviews.

Users of the social media platform took to the comments sections of the post to accuse Farrah of creating her daughter’s brand herself, which means she is not self-made.

“You took a business out and put her name on it, if it is in her name you ruined her credit before she has even gotten started!” the user argued.

The same user went on to criticize Farrah — who first made a name for herself on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant — for believing having values is somehow linked to a woman’s material possession rather than her ethics. The user then chided Farrah for making her daughter’s event about herself.

“Nothing wrong with pageant (which you misspelled by the way) but if you are really going to do them, then really invest YOUR time and not make it all about you!!!!” the user concluded.

This particular comment racked up more than 173 likes and almost 50 comments, showing that the user is far from being the only one to think along these lines. But several others also used the post’s comments section to share similar thoughts, many of which touching on the mother’s use of the word “value.”

“I’m curious what your definition is off [sic] the word ‘value’ do you think your life emulates ‘value’ to your daughter?” another user asked, making a comment that garnered upwards of 60 likes.

“… why is it so hard for you to let this little girl enjoy her childhood without having to work?!” another user chimed in.