WWE Rumors: Two Superstars Sign New Deals After Requesting Their Release From WWE


Over the past six months, there have been a number of reports of WWE superstars wanting out of their current deals with the company. Some have requested their release and it was granted, but others are being told they can’t go anywhere yet. Now, two of the superstars who reportedly asked for their releases and were denied have supposedly signed new deals to stick around with WWE.

Luke Harper has hardly been seen at all since last year. Sasha Banks has been missing in action since WrestleMania 35. The Revival were supposedly being embarrassed by WWE to lessen their worth to other promotions. Tye Dillinger and Goldust asked for their releases, were granted them, and have already signed with All Elite Wrestling.

The Inquisitr has reported that numerous WWE superstars have reached out to AEW and are looking at jumping ship. They may not be able to get out of their contracts just yet, but they want some assurance that they’ll have a place to land in the future when they need a job.

Two superstars who reportedly asked for their releases months ago are the real-life couple of Mike and Maria Kanellis. It certainly seemed as if they were unhappy in WWE and were looking to get out, but things have changed and rumor has it they’ve signed brand new deals.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, both have signed new deals with WWE, but the company has not yet announced it. Sources have revealed to the wrestling website that the couple signed new multi-year deals and that they are both very happy with the offers they received.

Once some superstars started leaving and others began requesting their releases, WWE started trying to lock up as much of its talent as possible. They began offering bigger money deals, which would keep superstars in place for three-to-five years, at the very least.

If those initial big-money contracts were rejected by the superstars, the chance is that they wouldn’t receive one nearly as lucrative again.

Mike and Maria Kanellis signed with WWE in 2017 and have been used quite sparingly since that time, featuring on the 205 Live show. There have been signs on social media that they were unhappy, and Maria even recently tweeted a cryptic tweet about her contract’s expiration coming up soon.

It could be that she was looking forward to it expiring, or perhaps, things simply worked out as negotiations continued. Mike and Maria Kanellis have found a home on 205 Live, and they are obviously happy enough to have wanted to stay with WWE. The new deals were good enough to keep them in place and it seems as if one of the company’s power couples won’t be looking for a new home any time soon.