Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Jax And Valentin Face Off Over Business

Troy HarveyABC Press

Valentin is not happy that Jasper Jacks is treading on his territory on ABC’s General Hospital. What that means is he isn’t too thrilled with how close Nina and her new boss are getting. Nina has been giddy ever since she first met the handsome Australian, much to her fiance’s dismay. Now Valentin is scrambling to make sure that those two won’t be getting any closer.

It’s pretty obvious that Jax isn’t worried about the newest Cassadine. Alexis tried to warn him about Valentin, but he pretty much dismissed it. Coming up this week on General Hospital, Valentin will make Nina’s new boss a business offer. SheKnows Soaps teases that Jax will end up declining an interesting offer. That offer is most likely the one that Valentin proposes. He wants to buy Jax’s half of Aurora Media. Of course, Jax will turn him down, which will infuriate Valentin.

Nina’s soon-to-be husband is certainly not used to getting turned down. It looks like he has met his match in Jax. Valentin wants him out of Nina’s space for good. She has even postponed their wedding because of her new boss. That has Valentin doing whatever he can to make sure that nothing stands in his way of their future together.

What will Valentin do once Jax doesn’t bite on his business proposition? More General Hospital spoilers say that he will ask Curtis for help. There aren’t any more details on what he needs from Curtis, but he did help him locate Sasha. Curtis has no idea that Sasha is a fake, but he has worked with Valentin before. Will he seek Curtis’s help in getting the goods on Jax? There is no stopping him when it comes to Nina.

It appears that there will be a triangle between Nina, Valentin, and Jax in the coming weeks. Jax is already turning on his charm with her and Nina is definitely intrigued by him. Valentin has caught on quick that he needs to intervene before things get out of his control.

Jax may charm the women in Port Charles, but he isn’t so popular with the men. His ongoing feud with Sonny Corinthos puts him in the hot seat. It may end up that the unlikely pair of Sonny and Valentin will team up to take Jax down.

Look for more drama coming as Jax and Valentin face off this week on General Hospital.