A Bizarre Google Result Says That Cartoon Child Caillou Is Actually The Size Of A Full-Grown Giant Man

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Most people remember Caillou as the inquisitive and somewhat annoying cartoon child from the early and mid-2000s, but a viral Google search revealed some difficult-to-believe facts about the bald Canadian boy.

Somewhere in the middle of the night on Saturday, someone found that Google listed Caillou as being 5-foot-11 and 180 pounds, sparking viral interest about the incredible find. Many noted that if the 4-year-old child was really as tall as an adult man, his parents and caretakers must be absolute giants. Others joked that Caillou should trade in his adventures with his sister Rosie for a stint in the NBA.

The stats on Caillou’s height appear to have originated from a website called Made up Characters Wiki, which somehow ended up being the top Google search result for information about the character. It listed a series of other jokes about the divisive cartoon character as well, claiming he had grown up to become the fellow bald cartoon character One Punch Man.

While it’s true that the real Caillou would be in his early 20s if he were alive today, the character himself lived in a state of suspended animation on the show, with each episode declaring he’s “just a kid who’s four.” As many fans noted, the very next line in the show’s theme song says that “each day I grow some more,” which apparently was taken literally if he’s now 5-foot-11.

The apparent misinformation about Caillou sparked some viral interest. Many awoke on Sunday morning to find that on a day when so many other important things were happening — people sending Father’s Day wishes, discussing the fallout of the Anthony Davis trade — it was actually Caillou who shot to the top of the trending terms on Twitter. There were a number of posts sharing screenshots of the Google stats and trying to determine the height of everyone else in Caillou’s universe.

The joke seemed to land well as Caillou’s popularity has lived on through the internet nearly a decade after the actual program went off the air. Like other PBS Kids cartoons from that era — namely Arthur — the program has lived on through internet memes and plenty of lively conspiracy theories online, the most popular of which claiming that Caillou was secretly struck with some chronic disease that left him bald.

There is a new bit of misinformation about the character now. Thanks to the viral interest, the Google search result for Caillou still claims that he is just a hair under 6-feet.