Will ‘Men In Black: International’ Be Added To Netflix?

Justin SullivanGetty Images

The highly-anticipated reboot Men in Black: International hit theaters this weekend and those who prefer not to go to the movies are itching to know when – and if – the film will be available for Netflix subscribers after it is released on DVD.

While there is no concrete DVD release date for the film at this point in time, Netflix fan site What’s On Netflix has done a little research to determine the chances of the film making its way to the streaming library.

According to the fan site, there is a possibility the Men in Black reboot could land in the Netflix U.S. streaming library. Unfortunately, that isn’t something that is going to happen any time in the near future. STARZ currently holds an exclusive contract that gives them access to all of Sony’s latest cinematic releases, one that doesn’t come to an end until 2021. As such, that is where the film is going to go for those interested in streaming it after the DVD release.

What’s On Netflix goes on to clarify that subscribers do not have to worry about the contract between STARZ and Sony being renewed, as Sony has made it crystal clear that is not the route they want to take moving forward.

Sony has expressed an interest in shopping out their content individually after the contract ends. Basically, this means that Netflix and any other streaming services interested will be able to bid on the movie when it becomes available for streaming after the contract concludes in 2021. That means its arrival on Netflix will depend on whether the streaming giant wins future bidding wars for the film.

Netflix U.S. users with a DVD subscription, however, will be able to rent a copy of the movie by the end of 2019.

Whether the movie will land on other Netflix regions is equally up in the air. Typically, Sony films are licensed with Sky and Now TV in the U.K. The movie would likely land on Netflix U.K. by 2021 — if it is going to land there at all.

Netflix Canada tends to pick up titles around the same time as Netflix U.S. Unfortunately, this means Canada could also have to wait a few years for the opportunity to stream the movie.

The film’s arrival on Netflix Australia depends on whether Amazon Prime or Foxtel decides to pick it up instead.

Unfortunately, Netflix may not be especially motivated to bid on the film, as some of the initial reviews of the reboot have not been too positive. According to a review by The Telegraph, there is nothing memorable about the reboot.