‘Below Deck’ Sneak Peak Shows Guests Calling Chef Mila’s Food ‘Icky’


Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4 is two episodes in and one crew member has been holding down the main storyline. Chef Mila Kolomeitseva has come under fire by her coworkers, Captain Sandy, and the viewers for her bizarre culinary creations. Mila was spotted licking raw steaks, heating them in the microwave, and serving guests out-of-the-box taco shells and subpar nachos. Her credentials as a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef have been questioned by thousands, but the first charter’s guests appeared to enjoy her cooking.

That won’t be happening when the next guests come aboard. The primary is one of Captain Sandy’s best friends who appeared on the show last season, and she isn’t shy about voicing her opinions. Bravo shared a sneak peek of Episode 3, where it looks like Chef Mila is going to be called out for her nasty food.

Cameras captured Mila preparing some crab salad for the guests, which she created with canned crab. There was no fresh crab in sight, as Mila peeled back the top of the can and dumped its contents into a bowl with some mayonnaise. The food might have been presented well with fresh, edible flowers, but the guests were not fooled once they got a taste.

The main charter guest called the food “icky” when Captain Sandy came out and asked how everything was. The primary also noted that the shrimp was slimy, while another guest commented that she couldn’t be paid to eat the food.

Captain Sandy was noticeably perturbed and promised her friend that she was going to get the guests new food, then promptly headed down the galley. The sneak peek cuts off shortly after Captain Sandy arrives downstairs and tells Mila that there is a problem.

Chief Stewardess Hannah Ferrier has had an issue with Mila’s cooking the whole season, and brought her poor cooking skills to light after the chef made a questionable birthday cake which tasted like baking powder. Hannah took a piece to Captain Sandy before the cake made its way to guests, who also agreed the cake was gross.

Mila is also coming under fire for homophobic comments she made at the end of Episode 2 which will carry on into the next episode. Mila believes being gay is wrong, and said she didn’t want her son growing up seeing gay people and thinking it was okay.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs every Monday night at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.