The ‘Southern Charm’ Cast Warned Kathryn Dennis About Joe Abruzzo After Seeing Internet Posts

On Southern Charm, fans were introduced to Kathryn Dennis’ interim boyfriend, Joseph “Joe” Abruzzo, for the first time, but her fellow cast members were concerned that the lanky redhead was repeating past patterns after Googling him online and seeing similarities to her ex, Thomas Ravenel.

In the teaser for the upcoming episode of Southern Charm, viewers finally get to meet Abruzzo as he visits Dennis in her Charleston home. At the time of the shoot, Abruzzo was about to step down after serving as a Florida state senator from District 25, according to The Broward Palm Beach New Times.

It was Craig Conover who first expressed concern about Abruzzo after reading posts on the internet about the politician, saying that “He’s not just a politician, he’s a disgraced politician who has been accused of domestic abuse by his ex-wife,” says Reality Tea.

Then, Naomie listened to Kathryn listing the things that she and Abruzzo have in common, including young children and “crazy-exes,” but Olindo is concerned that Joe’s lines sound a bit like Thomas Ravenel’s, as he has also called Dennis crazy.

After the fact, Kathryn says she finally got it when friend Danni Baird objected to the way Abruzzo spoke to her on the phone and via text, says Reality Tea. Dennis admits she realized that Baird has never steered her wrong, and opted for “sisters before misters,” and then was rewarded with meeting singer Hunter Price a few months later.

But what did Craig Conover see that caused such concern? Well, The Broward Palm Beach New Times covered the issues in a nutshell, covering the Abruzzo divorce between Joe and his then-wife, Brandy, who were both featured in racy photos, including one of Brandy Abruzzo as the “Honey of the Month” in 2010.

While Joe Abruzzo’s adult selfies, posted to his wife’s Facebook page and described as “private pics of what appears to be Abruzzo posing shirtless and naked in front of a mirror,” were removed from the article, the cheeky photos of Brandy Abruzzo are still there.

Brandy Abruzzo captioned the posts that Craig saw with the dig, “You can have him, ladies. He abuses women and has a porn addiction. This is your State Senator. At least my pix are tasteful.”

While Kathryn Dennis was obviously still dating Abruzzo when the upcoming episode was filmed, she has confessed that the relationship didn’t last much longer.

Fans of Southern Charm can see Joe Abruzzo on the show on Wednesday, June 19 at 8 p.m. eastern standard time.

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