Weekly ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Willow’s Father Seemingly Factors Into The Drama Ahead

Craig SjodinABC

Viewers have been navigating some juicy twists and turns lately on General Hospital. Spoilers hint that some additional shockers are on the way that will get people buzzing. Willow is facing what she thinks is a desperate battle to keep Wiley away from Shiloh and more characters are being woven into this by the day. Now, it seems that everybody will soon learn more about Willow’s father and how his supposed death plays into Dawn of Day and where things stand now.

For quite some time, viewers have speculated that Neil might actually be Willow’s father and Harmony’s ex-husband. It was certainly looking that way recently when Alexis found a reference to him online about a wife and daughter, but he wouldn’t discuss it. However, this week, Willow told Chase that her father had died.

Based on the timing of when Willow’s father seemingly left Dawn of Day, it seems like a disconnect to think Neil could be her father. He was involved in DOD and was pushed out when Harmony joined Shiloh’s “Trust,” which wouldn’t have happened more than a few years ago. If Willow were Neil’s daughter, they surely would have recognized one another when she arrived at the safe house to talk to Kristina.

However, Neil’s previous statements about having tried, unsuccessfully, to help someone get out of a cult still has viewers feeling confident that he has some sort of connection to Dawn of Day. Could Willow’s father perhaps have been his brother or something of that nature? Fans have been quite curious to figure this out, and something new emerged during Friday’s episode of General Hospital.

As people throughout Port Charles scrambled over the Wiley worries, Margaux tracked down Jason and pulled him aside to talk. She mentioned how a former DOD member named Douglas Miller had died of a drug overdose in Beecher’s Corner after a confrontation with Shiloh.

Many General Hospital fans immediately picked up on the last name of Miller, since Willow’s previous real name was Kali Miller. Harmony’s last name is Miller, so it seems highly likely this former DOD member Margaux mentioned is Willow’s father.

Given what Margaux said, Douglas did truly die but it sounds as if he may not have overdosed by himself Instead, Shiloh or one of his minions may have orchestrated the death to make it look like an overdose.

Willow went to the PCPD and tried to convince Harmony to bail on protecting Shiloh and repair her relationship with her daughter. Unfortunately, Harmony is too brainwashed and she headed off to Pentonville. She almost immediately crossed paths with Nelle, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that some crazy stuff is about to go down at Pentonville.

Viewers still do not know what either Willow or Harmony’s pledges were for Shiloh’s Trust, and how those might provide answers to some of these questions. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that Willow is still hiding significant secrets and viewers will see her make some sort of confession in the coming week.

Jason will head to Beecher’s Corner to dig into Douglas Miller’s death and General Hospital spoilers suggest that he may run into trouble there. Could Miller’s death be what finally takes down Shiloh and saves Willow and “Wiley” from facing heartbreak?

It certainly looks as if the secret that Wiley is really Jonah will emerge soon with viewers eager to see that happen. Given these latest developments, however, General Hospital spoilers seem to hint that there are additional twists and turns that have yet to play out before the truth is revealed.