June 13, 2019
Spoilers For 'The Young And The Restless': Nick And Victoria's Relationship Implodes

Brand new The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Nick is furious that Victoria is the one who gave Adam the means to buy out his Dark Horse debt and Chelsea's phone number.

All these years Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Nick (Joshua Morrow) have counted on each other no matter what craziness their father Victor (Eric Braeden) and the world have thrown at them. However, recently, Victoria put her worries about her position at Newman Enterprises above Nick and her nephew Christian, and her actions could have devastating consequences for the little boy and the rest of the family. Victoria paid off Adam (Mark Grossman) to get him to leave Genoa City, and instead, Adam bought Dark Horse's debt and took over the company. Nick is finished with allowing Victor to throw a wrench in his life every time he gets a wild hair to do so, which makes him even more upset about Victoria's move.

Nick actor Joshua Morrow recently discussed the explosive storyline with Soap Opera Digest. He explained, "These siblings have always been crazy-tight and trusted each other implicitly. The real bummer in all of this is Vic was looking out for herself and that's something that they've never done to each other. She was worried about her standing at the company that Nick already has serious issues with, because it's caused so many problems in their family. For Victoria to basically put that above the wellbeing of Nick, and even Christian, really stings."

With Adam making serious legal moves to get full custody of Christian, Nick is not about to worry about Victoria as he fights with all he has to retain custody of his son. Nick already went nuclear on Victor last year when he impersonated J.T. (Thad Luckinbill) and made Victor look ill to Newman Enterprise clients. The move stunned Victor and the rest of the Newman family, and Nick took his profits to start Dark Horse where he lured several of the clients the Newman family business lost.

Victoria is so wrapped up in being the person Victor chooses to run Newman Enterprises that she failed to consider her actions adequately. According to The Inquisitr's daily Y&R recap, Victor asked Adam to carry on his legacy, but Adam refused, stating that he couldn't live somebody else's dream and be happy. Once again, Victor failed to choose Victoria, but Victoria chose Victor and his company over her brothers, and it could end up having severe consequences if Victoria becomes a casualty of Nick and Adam's impending war.