June 13, 2019
Former 'Bachelorette' Contestant Luke S. Reveals The Real Reason He Abruptly Sent Himself Home

The last several episodes of The Bachelorette have been totally consumed by the drama surrounding Luke Parker, otherwise known as Luke P. Parker set himself aside from the very beginning when he received Hannah Brown's First Impression Rose. The connection between the pair was undeniable, with Brown barely being able to keep her hands off of him from the first episode.

Nevertheless, Brown has proven herself to be pretty perceptive of the overall tone of the Bachelor mansion since day one, and took careful note of how the rest of the men in the house did not appear to be a fan of Parker. Their lack of acceptance of Parker quickly became a red flag for her. The after effects of this were played out on Monday evening's episode, according to Cosmopolitan.

Bachelorette fans can all recall how Luke Stone and Luke Parker butted heads during last week's rugby group date. While Brown had designed the date as something to be lighthearted and fun for all involved, it ended up being an outing that caused quite a bit of tension. Parker took things to the next level, even allegedly physically attacking Stone when he got in his way during the rugby game. While the physical altercation wasn't caught on camera, fans did get the other men's interpretation of the event during the most recent episode, including Parker's version of the events that transpired.

Parker was only too quick to tell Brown that his seemingly direct attack on Stone was merely self defense. The rest of the men who witnessed the event said otherwise, calling Parker out for his aggressive nature.

The majority of the men, including Garrett and Mike P., jumped quickly to the defense of their friend, Luke S., in the most recent episode. They called out Parker for his alleged violent attack.

During last week's Rose Ceremony, Stone ended up excusing himself to speak to Brown prior to the roses actually being handed out. It was then that he dismissed himself from the show entirely. During a recent interview, he explained his abrupt exit. He realized that due to his issues with Parker, he had lost Brown's trust entirely and had no reason to remain on the show.

"That was enough for me to leave because trust is the basis of every relationship. Without trust, you can't have a relationship. When I felt like I had lost that, that was when I felt like I needed to leave," he said.