'Orphan Black' Continues In New Audio Series To Be Voiced By Tatiana Maslany

Ever since Tatiana Maslany tweeted a cryptic message about Orphan Black, fans have been speculating at a reprisal of the hit sci-fi series. Now, news has emerged that the series will get a makeover, this time in a serialized audio format.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Maslany tweeted that there would be a new Orphan Black announcement coming. Fans speculated as they waited for the announcement, which was expected on Thursday.

Many fans were hoping for a renewal of the series, which saw Maslany play a multitude of clones. This speculation was a result of earlier reports that AMC was interested in picking up the series which ran for five seasons on BBC America.

Other fans wondered if the announcement meant that an Orphan Black movie was in the works.

Well, it appears that both of those predictions were incorrect.

According to Deadline, Orphan Black will be returning. However, it will be in an audio format. Serial Box, a new startup, has announced that they will offer a serialized version of Orphan Black. The new audio series will feature weekly episodes that will run for the "length of an average commute."

And, for those that were scared that there would be an Orphan Black reboot without Tatiana Maslany at the helm, there is no need to fear. Maslany has been confirmed as voicing the new Orphan Black serial.

Variety also reveals that Orphan Black will be a continuation of the original story.

"The Next Chapter is the official continuation of the Orphan Black story, set eight years in the future from where Season 5 left off and features the same characters, all voiced by Maslany," a spokesperson for Serial Box revealed.

And, for those who were a fan of the clone, Cosima, and her girlfriend, Delphine, the news is good as Serial Box also revealed that they will both play big parts in the newly developed audio series.

Malka Older will be the showrunner on the new Orphan Black series and Mishell Baker, Lindsay Smith, and Heli Kennedy have signed on as writers. Molly Barton, the CEO and co-founder of Serial Box expressed her excitement at the upcoming project.

"We are beyond thrilled that Tatiana Maslany will be voicing our extension of Orphan Black's' fascinating world of #crazyscience and sisterhood. We are looking forward to bringing 'Orphan Black: The Next Chapter' to the dedicated SciFi/Thriller audience we have built with Serial Box Originals."
Orphan Black ran for five seasons on BBC America. While the sci-fi series had a big following, the outlined story arc for the series was always expected to run for that length of time, according to the show's creators.

As yet, there has been no release date for this new series.