Carrie Underwood Shares Sweet Photo Of Son Isaiah, Shows Off Slim Figure 4 Months After Welcoming Second Child

Superstar singer and mom to two Carrie Underwood is currently touring and her two little boys are right by her side at every stop. Underwood's next locale for her "Cry Pretty 360 Tour" is in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and it looks like she tapped her son Isaiah for a bit of help in getting ready for the concert.

Thursday afternoon, Carrie posted a photo on Twitter that showed her at the stadium doing her sound check. Underwood noted that she had some special help for this one and it seems to be her 4-year-old son Isaiah who is holding the microphone, ready to belt out a ballad.

Carrie is smiling as she watches the little guy and she is kneeling down to be right at his level. As is often the case when Underwood shares photos of Isaiah, this one shows him from the side rather than from the front.

The Inquisitr has previously noted that Carrie and her husband Mike are very cautious about what they share of their sons via social media. This latest photo of Underwood's is a great example of how they tend to share a glimpse of Isaiah without making him explicitly identifiable.

Underwood's fans went wild over seeing Isaiah with the microphone and many praised Carrie as a mom. Others couldn't help but notice how amazing the singer looks, having welcomed baby Jacob to the family not even five months ago.

Carrie was wearing a simple white T-shirt with a black heart on it along with black leggings and black Nike sneakers. The look was obviously casual and comfortable, but it also showed what amazing shape Underwood is in again already since having Jacob.

Underwood has opened up about having a 4-month-old and 4-year-old with her on this tour and she admits that it's a little crazy. The Inquisitr shared that she's very much like a duck who keeps things appearing calm on the surface, even with a lot of paddling underneath.

In addition to the current tour and parenting her two boys, Carrie is also the co-creator of the fashion brand Calia by Carrie Underwood. Keeping so busy may well be part of her secret for looking so fabulous so quickly after her pregnancy.

The bikini and workout shots that Underwood has shared on social media in recent weeks make it clear that she's proud of what she's accomplished in already getting into such great shape after pregnancy. Fans love how open Carrie is about her efforts to keep it all together while making it appear pretty easy, and they go crazy over every social media update she shares.