Daily Dose Of 'General Hospital': Ryan & Nelle Bond Over Carly, Ava, And Stolen Kidneys

On Thursday's episode of General Hospital, Ryan Chamberlain and Nelle Hayes officially met for the first time and sparks began flying. Not in the romantic sense, but the two villains sure bonded quickly. They are both locked up at Pentonville for crimes that they said they were framed for. Of course, that's not true and they both know it.

Actress Chloe Lanier has reportedly slipped back into her role as Nelle for just for a couple of days. That's certainly enough for her to cause some trouble along the way. The Jonah switch up is finally coming to the surface. It won't be long before Michael finds out that his son is still alive and well. Nelle told Ryan that she had a baby, but she didn't give him the details. However, Brad will be paying Nelle a visit on Friday to talk about the baby, as SheKnows Soaps teases. He is expected to clue her in on what's happening in the outside world.

Brad is panicked about their secret being revealed. He will lose everything if that should happen. Nelle may want to plan on trying to escape Pentonville, and Ryan could just be the perfect person to help her. In fact, Ryan told Nelle that he believes that fate has brought them together, and that he feels they are supposed to help each other.

What do these two have in common, other than their villainous ways? Nelle began telling Ryan about Carly Corinthos. That name brought Ryan to attention. He mentioned that she was in the room next to his at Ferncliff and explained how he listened in on her sessions with Kevin. He told Nelle that she was a big topic of their many conversations.

Then there is Ava Jerome. As Nelle brought up her name and said that she was best friends with Ava until she turned on her, Ryan's eyes lit up. He said that Ava was like a falcon living among pigeons. She turned on him, too, but he told Nelle that he could never hate Ava as she does.

As if Carly and Ava weren't enough to keep these two criminals chattering, Nelle discovered that Ryan also had his kidney stolen from him, just like her when she was a kid. They bonded so quickly that you know that this unlikely pair will be causing some trouble together soon enough.

Tune in to General Hospital on Friday to see Nelle's reaction to Brad's anxiety about baby Wiley/Jonah. She is bound to keep popping up to help this storyline move along.