‘Below Deck Med’ Chef Mila Kolomeitseva’s Credentials Reportedly Don’t Match Her Resume

Either Bravo or Chef Mila from Below Deck Med has some explaining to do, as she is popping up online — with English variations of her name’s spelling — as a model and extra rather than a Cordon Bleu-trained chef. Fans became suspicious when she seemed to lack the basic skills associated with even a sous chef, and was caught on camera appearing to lick the steaks of the yacht guests.

Bravo shares that on Below Deck Med, Hannah, Captain Sandy and Anastasia all expressed concern over Mila Kolomeitseva’s (or Kolomeytseva) cooking chops, as she microwaved the steaks and left chunks of baking powder in a guest’s birthday cake after failing to use a measuring cup.

It was deckhands Travis and Jack who saw Mila appearing to lick the steaks prior to putting them in the microwave before serving them. Jack asked aloud why a chef would lick steaks during preparation.

“What is she licking a raw steak for? It was like a f–king little cat.”

Hannah, the chief stewardess, had an inner monologue about whether or not she should serve Mila’s food to the guests, but Captain Sandy finally put a stop to the birthday cake going out after she tasted it. Mila’s excuse was that she didn’t take the pastry course at Cordon Bleu, but that doesn’t explain her inability to carve prosciutto ham.

A Starnow profile which seemingly appears to match Mila’s name may detail her apparent lack of serious culinary skills. Starnow profiles listings for actors and extras looking for work in the entertainment industry. The listing for Mila Kolomeytseva says that she lives in Hong Kong, rather than France or Russia, and lists her credentials as actor, extra, and model. Included are two photos — one on the beach.

The acting experience for Mila Kolomeytseva says she has had “previous unpaid speaking roles,” and indicates that she speaks English, German, and Russian.

While many viewers of Below Deck Med were crept out by the unsanitary nature of the food preparation and disturbed by her homophobic comments to other cast members, former Bravo chef Ben Robinson said he was “absolutely horrified” about what he saw go down in the yacht’s galley, per The Inquisitr.

Mila came onto the yacht with gastrointestinal distress, and then used taco shells from a box instead of making her own tortillas, causing Ben to wonder about how the season will go.

“First she’s ill, now it’s tacos… This may not be a healthy start to the season.”

Deckhand Colin Macy-O’Toole was puzzled when the chef used ranch dressing from a bottle rather than making her own aoli for foie gras burgers for the luxury guests.

“Pays 10s of thousands of dollars… gets Hidden Valley ranch on burgers.”

Distractify wondered in an article how long the chef would last on the yacht with what seemed to be sub-par cooking skills in light of her resume as a Cordon Bleu-trained chef. Fans can only stay tuned to watch how this season progresses.