June 13, 2019
Ron Howard Reflects On Career Highlight Of Meeting Princess Diana: 'She Was Remarkable'

Even though Princess Diana tragically died over 21 years ago, her spirit still lives on in plenty of fond memories.

The People's Princess gained incredible popularity during her time on earth but as fans know, her life was tragically cut short in a horrific car accident that happened in August of 1997. Since her untimely death, her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, and the public have shared memories from their time with Diana. Plenty of celebrities also had the opportunity to meet the late princess, including Oscar-winning director Ron Howard. In an interview with People, Howard reflected the meeting with Diana, calling it one of the highlights of his career.

Ron met Diana in 1995 at the premiere of his hit film Apollo 13. Diana attended the screening in London where Ron, Tom Hanks, and Tom's wife, Rita Wilson, were lucky enough to spend a little bit of time with the Princess of Wales. As the 65-year-old recalls, that meeting was one of the best of his life, and he had nothing but nice things to say about Diana.

"She was remarkable. That was a great night."
"We not only met her in the reception line, but we sat at a banquet table," Howard shared. "She was talking a lot about her philanthropic projects, but in a very comfortable, casual, passionate way. She seemed to enjoy our company and it was very mutual."
It's safe to say that Princess Diana is one of the most memorable figures in the world despite the fact that she lived until she was just 36-years-old. The blonde-haired beauty's legacy continues to live on through her children and through stories. As The Inquisitr recently shared, Diana will also be honored with a square in her name in Paris, France. The space that was chosen for the square is the same spot that people in Paris flock to, leaving flowers, photos, and a ton of other things to pay tribute to the late princess.
The plaza will officially be named Place Diana Princesse de Galles and in English, that translates to Diana, Princess of Wales Square. The only thing that needs to happen to make the square official is for the Paris council to place a vote to confirm the new name at the end of June. Currently, the square houses the Flame of Liberty but insiders close to the situation say that the renaming is pretty much a done deal.

And this isn't the first memorial for the People's Princess. Diana also has the Memorial Garden at Kensington Palace as well as one at her ancestral home, Althorp, where her brother currently lives. Though she is gone, it is clear that Diana will never be forgotten.