June 13, 2019
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Josslyn Seeks Lucy's Help To Bring Oscar Back

Josslyn Jacks is still experiencing an enormous amount of grief. As seen on Wednesday's General Hospital, she doesn't quite know what to do with herself after Oscar's untimely death. He wanted her to get on with her life, but something is holding her back. There was a hint on yesterday's show that gave some insight as to why Joss can't seem to move forward.

Maxie went through her own heartbreak after losing Nathan. She is equipped to give some comfort to Josslyn as she knows what she's going through. The teen ended up spilling her feelings to Maxie, saying that she never got to say goodbye to Oscar. She explained that she had fallen asleep, and Oscar slipped away during that time. Now she is tormented by the fact that she wasn't with him. Maxie had an idea to bring Oscar back. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps tease that Josslyn will meet up with Lucy Coe on Friday, thanks to Maxie's suggestion.

Apparently, Lucy is into seances and Joss wants to know more about that. It may be that Oscar will reappear in more scenes before the summer is over. The idea here is that Joss will find peace and be able to move on with her life if she can officially say goodbye to Oscar one last time.

It did get a little strange on Wednesday's show when Joss started texting Oscar's phone saying she missed him. She was stunned when she got a message back. It ended up being Drew texting her from Tanzania.

He had found the phone that Kim had kept and sent Joss a nice message. He told her that he and Kim wanted to help her move forward since that's what Oscar wanted for her, and she could do the same for them.

What would Kim and Drew think of Joss participating in a seance to bring Oscar back? Will Kim consider this as well? She isn't handling her grief very well right now. Her mental state is fragile, and Drew is concerned. He is hopeful that the three of them will be able to pull together to move on from this tragedy.

By the week of June 17, Joss will become unsettled. This whole seance thing may just give her an unsettled feeling trying to conjure up her boyfriend from the dead. Maybe this will sway her from diving into this. Or is there something else that will have her feeling this way?

There is much more to come on General Hospital as Kim, Drew, and Joss continue to find a way to move on without Oscar.