Kate Gosselin Reveals What She's Looking For In A Man

Most people got to know Kate Gosselin back when she was a new mom with a lot of babies. She starred in the reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8 alongside then-husband, now ex, Jon Gosselin. While that show is now off the air, Kate recently got back into the reality television game with a different show — Kate Plus Date. Her new show is aimed at her quest to find love, nearly a decade after her divorce. For many years, Kate's focus was on her young children, but now that they're all teenagers — she has 18-year-old twins and 15-year-old sextuplets — she's ready to get back into the game.

As People reports, the reality television queen isn't rushing into anything, though — she knows what she wants in a man now.

"I used to look for qualities that I liked as a person, but now I have to look for qualities that we all like. The truth is, it is not a secret I went through a very public divorce. That wasn't pleasant. I feel like for that very reason, I am very guarded, and I don't tend to trust people. I don't think that's a bad thing. I certainly don't want to rush into another relationship. The pressure is on for it to be positive and successful for all of our sakes."
Kate's daughter Madelyn shared her thoughts with People as well, telling the outlet how happy all the kids are for the new step in their mom's life. After all, since Kate's children are growing more and more independent, their mom has plenty of time to jump into the dating pool head first.

On the surface, it seems a bit strange for Kate to seek a relationship through a reality show. After all, she expressed discomfort with the very public nature of her divorce, which was brought about by the fact that fans of the show got to know the Gosselin family on television. However, as Kate told USA Today, she actually feels safer heading back into the dating world with a camera by her side. "I felt more scared about going into public and meeting a stranger," she confessed.

Kate also recently celebrated another major milestone in her life — her twin daughters, Cara and Madelyn, graduated from high school. While there are a few more years until the sextuplets follow suit with their own ceremony, Kate will definitely have plenty of time in the years to come to go on a few dates.