'Southern Charm's' Eliza Limehouse Talks About Her Father, Chip Limehouse's Affair

On Southern Charm, new cast member Eliza Limehouse has teased a family scandal surrounding her parents' divorce, but she has not divulged any specific details on the popular Bravo show. However, in a recent interview, the cast newbie shared some information on what she calls one of the most painful moments of her life.

Decider said that many locals were surprised when Eliza's father, Chip Limehouse, and her brother, Chase, appeared on a recent episode of Southern Charm, as family members have tended to stay out of the spotlight over the last few years. But on a trip to the family plantation, Airy Hall, Eliza told viewers about the property and her family, saying that growing up, her father was one of her idols, but that all changed after her father had an affair and her parents ultimately got divorced.

She says that she has forgiven her father, but she's not the same since that eventful year.

"I've forgiven him but it's never gonna be like it was. We have scars, ya know? He does too. I feel like, not as welcome since the affair."
Decider shares some background on the family's background.
"Chip cheated on his wife (Eliza's mom, Susan), in 2016, and the couple got a divorce. Allegedly, the former member of the South Carolina House of Representatives had a daughter with a woman named Melissa Mims."
But according to FitsNews, all wasn't put to bed after the Limehouse divorce -- there was also a matter of paternity to be settled, and later, pushback from the mother of his young child, who said that she wasn't happy about her daughter's public profile on Eliza's social media accounts.

Friends of Mims -- who has chosen not to talk to the media herself -- say that she doesn't deserve to be "muscled by a powerful politico" as she raises her daughter.

Will Folks of FitsNews says that infidelity and the divorce of a politician aren't big news, but it was covered extensively because when he was in office, Limehouse was a "Holier-than-thou, social conservative 'Republican' during his tenure as a state lawmaker."

"Ordinarily we don't care about politicians having affairs – or even having children with the women they've had affairs with – but when there is an element of hypocrisy like that associated with the story, we believe it is worth pointing out."
Eliza is new as a cast member this season on Southern Charm, and is still finding her legs with the rest of the crew, especially Kathryn Dennis.