Kyle Richards Weighs In On Rumors That Her Sister Kathy Hilton Is Joining 'RHOBH'

With Lisa Vanderpump leaving the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, a new spot has opened up for a cast member, and rumors are swirling that Kathy Hilton may be the woman to fill it. Her sister, Kyle Richards, who has been a housewife since the franchise began, weighed in on the rumors on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, available via YouTube.

"I mean, I would be happy … I've had one sister on, why not have another sister on?" she said, referencing her sister Kim Richards, who appeared on the show as a series regular for five seasons.

She continued, saying that her sister is funny and would make a great member of the cast.

"My sister Kathy is actually — people don't know this, but she's one the funniest people there is," she said. "She's a practical joker and she's very, very funny. So I think she would be an amazing Housewife, actually."

Cohen went on to explain that the rumors all started when he went out to dinner and ran into Hilton and Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills. He says that the two were at separate tables and decided to take a photo together, but the gossip sites speculated that the Bravo exec had taken Hilton out in order to convince her to be on the show.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Hilton hasn't addressed the rumors directly, but she did joke that appearing on the show would interfere with her day job.

"Rumors of me joining the Beverly Hills Housewives would interfere with my real job of cutting hair," she said.

Hilton actually was approached to be on the show for the first season, but passed and told producers to hit up her sister Kyle.

Cohen recently shot down rumors that Hilton was replacing Vanderpump after the OG housewife announced that she was leaving the show after nine seasons.

"There's no replacing Lisa," he said, according to People. "Whomever comes on the show is not replacing [her]. I don't want that to be the narrative for whomever comes on the show. You can't put that on someone."

He went on to say that no one can replace the 58-year-old native of Britain and revealed that when he saw her casting tape, he was finally sold on doing the show. Prior to that, he wasn't so sure about doing the series.

While it doesn't sound like Hilton is in on the show just yet, Richards finished by saying "never say never."