'Southern Charm's' Craig Conover Introduces 'Life Assistant' Anna-Heyward

From the beginning of the season, Southern Charm fans have had a lot of questions about cast member Craig Conover's "life assistant," Anna-Heyward Smith Hegamyer, and all of the things she does to keep the pillow magnate on time and on task.

Decider says that Craig introduced viewers to his "life assistant" Anna-Heyward, who is being largely credited with helping Conover be a "non-f**kup (his words)" this season and keeping the sewing fiend in the pillow game.

In an interview, Craig described how this position came into being, and it was because Anna-Heyward grew impatient with the Charmer's procrastination. Craig says that Anna-Heyward is a friend and a registered nurse who was with him this summer in the Bahamas when Conover's designer, Cintra, tried repeatedly to get in touch with him.

Conover explains that he told Cintra just to make the decisions herself while he was away.

"It was driving Anna-Heyward crazy so she started to respond to Cintra and they started texting back and forth, and she would do my phone calls. I kinda felt bad she was doing all this for free but it also was really working for me. So I was like, why don't we make this official since [she wasn't working] down there anyway."
Craig says that Anna-Heyward was able to "really hold me accountable" while he was trying to learn to keep himself moving forward, and so it really worked for him.Craig says that he is now at a point where he no longer needs the help, so Anna-Heyward did her job. On social media, fans are saying that she went above and beyond when it came to helping Craig. One fan on Twitter called Anna-Heyward a "saint" for working with Craig and helping him get back on track.

On the website Charleston South Carolina Brides, Anna-Heyward and her husband Graham shared their engagement announcement from two years ago. The post shared some of the life assistant's educational background, including her current job as a nurse in Charleston.

"Anna Heyward graduated from Ashley Hall School and earned a Bachelor of Arts from Clemson University and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from MUSC. Anna Heyward is employed as a nurse in Charleston, SC."
Anna-Heyward's husband, Graham Hegamyer, is the CEO of Frigate Reserve Rum, and the two married on April 22, 2017, in Marsh Harbour Bahamas in the Caribbean, where Southern Charm's Craig Conover was a guest.