The Taylor Swift & Katy Perry Feud Seems To Be Over

Can it be true? Have Taylor Swift and Katy Perry finally buried the proverbial hatchet?

This seems to be a true statement if Perry's latest Instagram entitled "let's be friends" is what it seems to be. The "Fireworks" singer commented on her post by saying "feels good." Those two words were followed by a red heart emoji which was followed by a tag to @taylorswift.

Swift responded without words. She just liked the post and then put up a whopping 13 pink heart emojis. Her response garnered nearly 30,000 likes at the time of this writing.

As if that wasn't enough proof that Katy and Taylor had been at odds, the picture Perry posted was of a big plate of chocolate chip cookies with the words "peace at last" written in eatable letters across the top of the dish. In addition, the peace sign was tastefully printed on each side of that message.

So why did Taylor Swift and Katy Perry fall out in the first place?

The Telegraph pointed out what happened in a long and drawn out story the British outlet released last year about the history of this particular feud among the two contemporaries.

In short, the publication explained in 2018, "Perry released what is thought by many to be a diss track at Swift."

The song was called "Swish Swish" -- which is the same sound a snake's tail makes. Apparently, this particular amphibian was the symbol for another feud that took place in 2016 between Taylor and Kanye West. That feud was allegedly about Tay's name being used by Ye in his anthem, "Famous."

Anyway, it seems Taylor forgot she told Kanye it was okay to use her name in that song. However, Kim Kardashian came up with recorded evidence that this promise for permission did take place.

Later, when Jimmy Fallon asked Katy "about the meaning" of "Swish Swish," Perry responded,"I think it's a great anthem for people to use whenever somebody's trying to hold you down or bully you'."

And so, the snake emoji was posted hundreds of times as comments accompanying every Instagram post Swift put up in that time frame.

Going even further back in time, Katy and Taylor had apparently been close friends. Each had been a rising star in her own right, ready to take on the music industry one or two songs at a time. In 2009, as part of their bonding, the pair sent each other sweet social media messages to prove their kinship, as The Telegraph showed.

Getty Images for NARAS | Larry Busacca

No doubt the aforementioned feud had many layers as the years flew by and each party became increasingly famous. However, these two musicians were out there, living their own lives, working hard and having fun.

Now things apparently have been settled between them after all these years. In fact, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift seem to be all in for rekindling the happy relationship they once cherished. Here's hoping their renewed friendship enjoys smooth sailing from here on in.