Apple iWatch: Coming Soon, Well Maybe [VIDEO]

An Apple iWatch ad has been leaked to You Tube…or has it? According to the glossy Minority Report style video, the watch won’t have a flexible screen or monitor. Instead, it will have a dancing hologram that springs to life at any time or place, and under any lighting conditions, even the glare of full sunlight.

Oh, and you don’t have to worry about any evildoers helping themselves to your data. The watch will only unlock to your personal thumbprint. Smiling “Courtney,” the pretty young college-age girl in the ad, goes through her day demonstrating how her new iWatch does everything except get busy with her.

And to think that it was only last week that James Johnson reported on the patent application for the curved display on the much-ballyhooed iWatch. It’s amazing how fast development plans can change.

Over the years, smartphones have pretty much shoved watches out of the way. As Alex Williams of the New York Times has written, many members of the younger generation tossed out their watches when they switched to smartphones. People check the time on the cellphone displays and, if they own a watch at all, it’s a piece of jewelry to suggest their taste and status, not a working tool.

Now, according to the video, the Apple iWatch is prepared to shove back. Can your smartphone do that? Even Dick Tracy’s watch might feel a little behind the times by comparison.

See for yourself:

Alas, Virginia, there is no Santa Claus. At the end of the short “ad,” you might notice this statement: “COMING 2019.”

As a jab about the rumors surrounding the iWatch, the video is a success. As an ad for a product that might actually be invented any time in the foreseeable future, well, I for one am not holding my breath.