On Reddit, Fans Have Managed To Create A Theory Involving 'Stranger Things' And Chernobyl

Viewers love a good theory when it comes to their favorite television shows. Usually, these involve one show in particular and focus on its universe. But, what happens when viewers on Reddit start delving into similar TV shows? A theory involving Netflix's Stranger Things and HBO's Chernobyl is born.

Since Chernobyl became a huge hit for HBO, fans of the miniseries, that is based on fact, have been scrambling for any information on the nuclear disaster that occurred in 1986. And, according to Decider, a surprising new theory is now being formed on Reddit.

This theory sees a mashup between Stranger Things and Chernobyl. While it seems like a peculiar combination, there might be some merit in the pairing.

Stranger Things is set to debut Season 3 on July 4. Season 3 is set in the summer of 1985, whereas, the real-life Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster occurred on April 26, 1986. The theory suggests that if Stranger Things goes to Season 4, it is possible Chernobyl could at least warrant a mention on the Netflix series, while not linking the two shows directly.

"After watching Chernobyl on HBO and then finding that Stranger Things 3 is set in 1985, it got me thinking that the events of Chernobyl took place in 1986 and that the fourth season of Stranger Things may line up with those events," the Redditor explained.

Dustin, as he appears in Season 3 of Netflix's 'Stranger Things'

But, could the Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine be linked to Hawkins in the U.S.?

According to the Reddit theory, perhaps Chernobyl will only get a passing mention. This could be especially true considering Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) was raised in the lab in Hawkins, which comes under the ownership of the U.S. Department of Energy. So, in theory, at least a passing mention could be made referencing the Chernobyl disaster should Stranger Things go to a fourth season.

However, there is also more to this theory. Another Redditor then expanded on the original poster's concept.

"Chernobyl could actually have a secret Russian lab just like Hawkins' one, someone with powers connects to the upside down just like Eleven, and the opened gate would make the Nuclear Plant explode. Or maybe they would try to open a gate intentionally to the upside down, but it doesn't go as expected..."
This secondary theory could certainly add an unexpected element to Stranger Things. However, as another Redditor points out, it might not be tactful of Netflix to include this theory considering Chernobyl was such a real-life tragedy that still has long-reaching consequences even today. Although, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, Russia has previously suggested an American link to the Chernobyl disaster.

Season 3 of Netflix's Stranger Things will drop globally on July 4. The limited miniseries, Chernobyl, is currently airing on HBO.