Teddi Mellencamp Confronts Lisa Rinna About Kim Richards Drama, Is She Doing Kyle Richards’ Dirty Work?

Nicole WeingartBravo

On Tuesday’s new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Teddi Mellencamp will confront Lisa Rinna about her encounter with Kim Richards at Kyle Richards’ Halloween bash during last week’s installment.

In a sneak peek shared by Entertainment Tonight on June 11, Lisa mentioned the drama over “Bunnygate” while attending Kyle’s party. Teddi wanted to know why Lisa chose to engage in a dispute with Kim while acting as if she was Erika Jayne, who she dressed up as during the bash.

“Hiding behind a character was confusing,” Teddi explained.

“What is the problem? What is the issue you’re having?” Lisa replied.

During last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa reignited her feud with Kim by bringing up the way in which Kim returned a bunny Lisa had given her for her grandson, Hucksley, years ago. However, rather than “own it,” Lisa suggested her words were inspired by Erika.

While Teddi appeared to take issue with Lisa directly, Dorit Kemsley seemed to suggest that she may be doing Kyle’s dirty work during a cast confessional. In fact, Dorit told cameras she felt as if Teddi acts as Kyle’s henchwoman more often than not.

As for Lisa, she didn’t take too kindly to Teddi’s comments about her message to Kim and said during a confessional of her own that she wasn’t blaming Erika for what she said. Instead, she explained, she was honoring her co-star, Erika, who allowed her to break the ice and have a conversation with Kim.

“I’m in a f**king Halloween costume,” she continued. “If it weren’t for Kim, everyone would’ve laughed, applauded and said, ‘Rinna is awesome.’ So, all of a sudden it gets a little sensitive because your sister’s involved? Come on!”

While Lisa and Teddi engaged in a tense conversation during the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills sneak peek, the two women ultimately calmed themselves down as their chat continued and at this point in time, they appear to be on good terms. In fact, after wrapping production on Season 9 earlier this year, Lisa and Teddi attended Coachella with their co-star, Kyle, and appeared to have a great time hanging out and taking in the sights.

The new episode will air on Tuesday, June 11.

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