‘General Hospital’ Tuesday Spoilers: Willow And Chase Exchange Shockers And Shiloh Needles Sam

Michael YadaABC

General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Tuesday, June 11, indicate that Shiloh’s release and Harmony’s confession will be big news throughout Port Charles. Just when many thought they had the Dawn of Day leader right where they wanted him, he managed to turn everything upside down.

As viewers saw during Monday’s show, Harmony stepped up and claimed that she was the one who drugged both Kristina and Sam. Shiloh faked being angry at her, and she was taken into custody as he was released.

The sneak peek for Tuesday’s episode reveals that it won’t take Shiloh long to try to mess with Sam. General Hospital spoilers detail that as he approaches Sam to talk to her, she’ll question what he could possibly have left to say. She gloated a bit when she revealed she’d been playing him, and it looks as if he’ll do his best to regain the upper hand.

Chase will head to the school where Willow teaches to let her know about Shiloh’s release. General Hospital spoilers suggest that he’ll be hesitant to break this news to her, and SheKnows Soaps hints that he’ll soon receive some news he didn’t expect as well.

Up until this point, Chase has been out of the loop when it comes to the fact that Harmony is Willow’s mother. It sounds as if Harmony’s arrest will prompt Willow to share this essential tidbit with her beau, and he’ll be stunned. Viewers will see how it plays out on Tuesday, but chances are good that Chase will be shocked both by the information and by the fact she hadn’t told him until now.

Jason and Sonny apparently won’t waste much time trying to decide how to handle the news of Shiloh’s release. Chase asked them to leave it to the PCPD to handle, but General Hospital spoilers hint that they may decide they can’t wait any longer.

As The Inquisitr detailed, this week Jason will rage about how he wants to just get Shiloh taken care of now, and Sonny is probably thinking the same thing. General Hospital spoilers have revealed that soon Julian will ask to get in on this, too, and fans have a hunch a whodunnit is on the way.

This week will have a lot of action related to the baby storyline and that includes a visit to Nelle, Harmony hoping for help from Shiloh, and more close moments between Willow and Michael. General Hospital spoilers tease that there may still be some twists ahead before everybody learns the truth about “Wiley,” and fans are anxious to see this play out at last.