Wendy Williams Breaks Into Tears Over Recent Family Drama

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

Wendy Williams was stopped by the paparazzi on Sunday night as she left Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles in L.A.

According to TMZ, Wendy broke into tears when she was asked how she and her family are doing after she filed for divorce from her longtime husband, Kevin Hunter Sr.

Williams then opened up about her life following the split, adding that she and her son, Kevin Jr., are doing well — despite some recent drama. Kevin Jr. was recently arrested for allegedly assaulting his father.

“Young Kevin and I are fine. Big, God speed. You know, stuff happens in life and it’s okay. I’ve still got a very full life that I really adore. Please don’t make me cry,” Wendy told the cameraman as she started to break into tears.

“I didn’t plan on this, but it is what it is. I have a very full life. Thank you for watching. I would ask you to respect our privacy, but please, I don’t respect people’s privacy. That’s why I do the hot topics. So turnabout is a fair game, but all three of us are doing fine,” Wendy confirmed.

Later, Williams was asked if fans would ever see her, Hunter, and their son together again as a family unit, despite the impending divorce.

“Yes. Yes. Of course you will,” Wendy said, adding that Kevin Jr. still needs to graduate from college, get married, and grow up. Kevin Sr. and Wendy will seemingly be there for their son in the future, if these remarks hold true.

Meanwhile, Wendy Williams spent the weekend in L.A., and she hit up a Pride Festival with her pal Blac Chyna. Wendy also made a cameo on a TMZ Celebrity Tour bus, where fans were thrilled to see her.

During her quick appearance on the bus, Wendy was asked what her favorite part about being a celebrity is. Wendy revealed that she loves it when a fan comes up to her and tells her that she has helped brighten their day in some way, or has helped give them a laugh during a tough time.

In addition, sources tell the outlet that Williams has been in great spirits since filing for divorce, which has made working with her on the talk show a breeze.

Wendy also recently revealed that she’s been dating again, just trying to live her own life following the split.

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