Ashley Tisdale Publicly Calls Out Kevin Smith For Hitting Her Car

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Ashley Tisdale held nothing back when she playfully picked a fight with her neighbor, filmmaker Kevin Smith, who apparently scratched her car and drove away after a small fender-bender, according to a report from Pop Culture.

Tisdale, who is popularly known for her role as Sharpay Evans in the Disney Channel High School Musical franchise, took to Twitter to air her grievances regarding her damaged car.

“Thanks @ThatKevinSmith for scratching my mirror on my car and not stopping,” Tisdale wrote in her tweet. “Classy move neighbor!”

It didn’t take long for Smith to notice Tisdale’s angry tweet and took to his own Twitter account to engage the enraged Disney alum. Of course, the funny man included a joke in his apology.

“Apologies — I drive like Cruella de Vil in the Hills!” he said. “However, I *did* do a courtesy stop. Then when you pulled away first, I was like ‘That’s soooo Sharpay…'”

Things between the two Hollywood stars quieted down for a while until Smith returned to share that Tisdale actually took time out of her day to visit his home in-person to apologize for calling him out on social media and to make things right.

“So the incredibly sweet @ashleytisdale stopped by my house and tried to apologize,” Smith tweeted. “I assured her that *I’m* the one who was driving like a Wildcat. Also told her I’d sent my kid our Tweets. HQ’s response: ‘We saw Ashley in High School Musical Live!‘ Ashley was like ‘Oh, maaan…'”

Smith also attached a screenshot of a note saying he totally forgot to ask the star for a selfie.

Tisdale has definitely come a long way since her Disney days. The actress and singer has appeared in a handful of films and television shows. She recently announced her plans to release an album, Symptoms, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. Tisdale said working on the album has helped her to deal with her mental health issues and find her voice.

She’s also currently tackling new TV projects, including Carol’s Second Act. Tisdale was recently cast as a series regular for the show and will play the role of Jenny, daughter of Patricia Heaton’s character, Carol, according to a report from Deadline. Tisdale’s character is a pharmaceutical rep who covers her mother’s hospital. As a daughter, she’s super supportive of her mother, and her perky outgoing personality is a welcomed counterpoint to Carol’s neurotic medical colleagues.

The role of Jenny was previously played by Bonnie Dennison in the pilot, but Tisdale will be taking over going forward. The actress has also landed a series regular spot on Netflix’s Merry Happy Whatever with Bridgit Mendler.