‘Southern Charm’s’ Craig Conover Believes He Should Have Told Austen About Madison On Instagram

Brianna StelloNBC Universal

Each season of Southern Charm brings new surprises, even for the cast. After Craig Conover and Shep Rose told Austen Kroll that his girlfriend at the time, beauty guru Madison LeCroy had allegedly talked to another guy on Instagram, the guys got a lot of backlash for meddling. Fans of the show thought that Craig and Shep instigated something that was not a big deal, but Conover is going on the record saying that he thinks he did the right thing.

Reality Tea says that Craig is enjoying his role this year as the observer rather than the observed, but maybe he took his new role as part of the gossip tree too seriously and should have stayed on his easy breezy Zen track. Craig says that this season it’s Austen being pushed to the edge, but he doesn’t feel that he’s played any part in getting him there.

“My rule of thumb is, it’s my duty as a friend to make them aware of the situation and then whatever the hell happens after that is on them. It might drive me crazy afterward and I won’t understand it, but yeah, of course, it sucks having to tell your buddy or tell anyone that their partner is being unfaithful.”

But Twitter erupted with blowback, calling Craig the latest Charleston gossip girl.

“Why is @C_Conover being such a s**t stirrer tonight and a gossip girl. Not a good look for Craig. Not a good look at all.”

Fans also wanted to know why an Instagram message meant that Madison was cheating on Austen, particularly after the drama caused by his threesome caught on camera.

After the episode where Craig and Shep dropped a bomb on Austen and then coaxed him to dump Madison over the phone, fellow cast member Danni Baird was dragged into the mess by putting her on speaker phone at the bar, says The Inquisitr.

The guy who was contacted by a client of Madison’s, and not Madison herself was the guy that Danni was dating (Kathryn Dennis’ real estate agent, Gentry), and after the episode, there was some push back between the ladies, and things got rough. During the back and forth between Madison and Danni on Instagram, neither Craig, Austen, nor Shep was anywhere to be seen or heard from, causing fans to ask where the pot stirrers were then.

Madison and Danni are big girls and have moved on, but there will be more drama to come on this season of Southern Charm.