Pig Tapeworm Removed From Punk Rock Singer’s Brain

The leader singer of an Australian punk rocker recently had a pig tapeworm removed from his brain.

Frenzal Rhomb frontman Jay Whalley became concerned when he started experiencing seizures on the way to one of the band’s recent shows. The singer was worried that cancer might be the cause of these episodes. To get to the bottom of the matter, he decided to seek medical attention.

According to the Daily Mail, doctors found the egg from a pig tapeworm lodged in his brain. Given that Whalley is a vegetarian, he found this discovery to be more than a little alarming.

Pedestrian TV explains that Whalley may have contracted the tapeworm during his time in South America. The lead singer said he may have gotten the parasite from a vegetarian burrito that was fixed by a cook with dirty hands.

The tapeworm remained lodged in his brain for around four years. The seizures began when the parasite died and caused his body to react. In order to correct the situation, Jay Whalley required emergency brain surgery and hospitalization.

The Frenzal Rhomb singer said of his recovery:

“My beautiful wife, family and friends that knew were amazing during this time, cooking food, looking after our three year old, sending super positive messages/phone calls and generally trying to lift me out of what I reckon was the bleakest time in my life. Gordy Forman’s visit boosted my spirits regardless of his real motive to check which of the pills I’d been prescribed he could use recreationally. There were several.”

Whalley even shared a post-surgery photo of his head with fans on Facebook. You can find the image below. If you’re at all squeamish, you might want to squint your eyes.

Jay Whalley

Fortunately for the lead singer, he will survive his ordeal with the pig tapeworm that somehow found its way into his brain. You can find out more about Jay Whalley and Frenzal Rhomb by visiting the band’s Facebook page.