‘One Piece’ Episode 888 Spoilers: Sabo, Revolutionary Army Commanders Saving Kuma From Celestial Dragons

jennifer Broun ConorFlickr(CC BY-SA 2.0 Cropped and Resized)

One Piece Episode 888, which is titled “Sabo Enraged! The Tragedy of the Revolutionary Army Officer Kuma!,” started with the introduction of the Pangea Castle. It is divided into three heavily-guarded gates, and one of those serves as the entrance to the “Land of the Gods” where the Celestial Dragons live. Sabo succeeds in entering one of the gates wearing the costume of the guards of Holy Land Mary Geoise.

While making an investigation and taking pictures inside the Pangea Castle, Sabo encounters three soldiers, whom he easily defeats using his incredible fighting skills. More guards appear where he’s heading which makes him decide to temporarily run away. On his way out of the castle, Sabo rides a huge crow controlled by Karasu, the Revolutionary Army commander who’s in charge of the North Army.

One Piece Episode 888 shows a dying Saint Charlos being escorted inside the “Land of the Gods” for immediate treatment. While on their way, Saint Charlos is met by his father, Saint Rosward. Saint Rosward is very angry with Saint Mjosgard for hitting his son. He says that Saint Mjosgard and Homing are the same. Homing is a former Celestial Dragon and the father of Donquixote Doflamingo and Donquixote Rosinante.

While they are having a conversation, Saint Charlos notics the giant slave carrying Saint Mjosgard, former Warlord Bartholomew Kuma. One Piece Episode 888 reveals that after he was completely modified into a mindless human weapon, Kuma was sent to the Holy Land Mary Geoise to serve the Celestial Dragons. Before he became a Warlord, Kuma was a vicious pirate and a member of the Revolutionary Army. Aside from that, the latest episode of One Piece unveils that Kuma was also the former king of the Sorbet Kingdom, a country that tried to oppose the World Government.

Sabo sees Kuma hiding in a nearby location. Sabo is furious about how the Celestial Dragons treated their comrade and can no longer control his emotion. Sabo is about to confront Saint Charlos and Saint Rosward and free Kuma when Karasu comes in to stop him. While Sabo is being held by Karasu, a giant hand appears, grabs them, and puts them under the ground. The giant who took Karasu and Sabo is Morley, a Revolutionary Army commander in charge of the West Army. The three Revolutionary Army commanders – Karasu, Morley, and Lindbergh – remind Sabo to be careful with his actions if they want to accomplish their mission at the Holy Land Mary Geoise.

One Piece Episode 888 also shows the surprising appearance of Bonney Pirates captain Jewelry Bonney at the Holy Land Mary Geoise. Bonney successfully enters the “Land of Gods,” posing as the queen of the Sorbet Kingdom. It seems like Bonney has the same goal as the Revolutionary Army, which is to save Kuma from the hands of the Celestial Dragons.