Shay Mitchell Embraces Saturdays In Stunning Profile Snapshot

Less than an hour ago, Shay Mitchell shared a stunning profile snapshot of herself with her head tilted up and her chin pointing toward the sky as she appeared to be soaking up the sunshine. In all capital letters, the 32-year-old actress made it crystal clear she was embracing the fact that it was Saturday.

The photo featured Mitchell with a large clear bag resting on her shoulder that looked to be filled with flowers as well as a sun hat tucked under her arm. Shay donned a thin, short-sleeved shirt with a splash of different colors. In addition to the sun hat, the actress also had sunglasses resting on her face to protect her gorgeous brown eyes from the harsh UV rays.

Her dark brown tresses were styled with loose waves as they flowed down the back of her body. It was unclear whether Mitchell was headed inside of the building in the background or if she was headed out to enjoy the day.

Despite the snapshot being on her profile for less than an hour, Mitchell’s massive Instagram following of 24.1 million people quickly noticed it. In fact, her followers wasted no time showering the captivating photo with over 60,000 likes and nearly 350 comments.

Known best for her role as Emily Fields in the Freeform series Pretty Little Liars, it isn’t too surprising to see many of her followers still referencing the show despite it coming to an end two years ago. The entire series is presently available on Netflix, where people can easily binge-watch the addicting teenage drama.

Many of the Shay’s fans were quick to praise her for not leaving the house without a sun hat and sunglasses so she could protect her eyes and her gorgeous caramel-colored skin. Others – at a loss for words – stuck to single word complements or emojis to express their thoughts on the beautiful photo.

“Yaaaassssss!! Werk it queen,” one follower gushed in the comments.

Some questioned how it was possible for her to be so beautiful and perfect looking.

In the past hour, the actress also shared a video clip of herself panning a sandy beach covered in plastic and trash. Shay begged her followers to assist in combating ocean pollution while dropping a few statistics about the issue on everyone.

“Oceans cover three quarters of the Earth’s surge and contain 97% of the earths water, yet we put 8 million tons of plastic into the oceans each year, the equivalent of emptying a garbage truck into the ocean EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY,” Mitchell explained.

The post was a promotion of the Adidas Run for the Oceans Campaign where $1 will be donated toward helping clean up the ocean for every 1 kilometer run up to $1.5 million.

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