'The Bold Type' Spoilers: Adena And Kat Get Naked Together In New Promo Teaser

Stephanie Barnes

Adena El-Amin, played by Nikohl Boosheri, has returned for Season 3 of Freeform's The Bold Type and it looks like the hijab-wearing lesbian artist and photographer is about to win back the woman she left behind, based on a teaser recently uploaded to the TV Promo's YouTube channel.

The Bold Type documents the lives and loves of three women, writer Jane Sloan, played by Katie Stevens, social media director Kat Edison, played by Aisha Dee, and fashion assistant Sutton Brady, played by Meghann Fahy, working at Scarlet magazine. During the pilot episode, viewers were also introduced to Boosheri's Adena, a proud Muslim lesbian, visiting New York from Iran.

While in New York, Adena is approached by Scarlet to run a spread on her provocative photography project in an upcoming issue, but she later changes her mind. Adena immediately piqued Kat's interest and the two women became friends. However, after spending time together, the women both realized they were harboring romantic feelings for each other and began dating. The pair later hit a rough patch and ultimately ended their relationship at the end of the second season.

During the show's third season, viewers watched as Kat struggled to heal her broken heart and started dating her campaign manager, Tia, played by Alexis Floyd. During the May 28 episode, Adena returned to New York and confessed that she still had feelings for Kat, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. Kat didn't immediately return Adena's affection, but it seems that's about to change.

In a promotional clip for the season finale, Kat and Adena are seen heavily making out and undressing each other as they clumsily enter an apartment.

"I missed you," Adena whispers between kisses.

In the same clip, Kat is also seen sitting on a bench with Tia.

"What we have is really special, even if it's just starting out," Tia says, before tentatively leaning in to kiss Kat.

"When Jane and Jacqueline's exposé makes an impact, Jacqueline takes a hard look at how she can make Scarlet an industry leader that practices what it preaches. Sutton celebrates the end of her design seminar with a fashion show but surprises herself with the results. Jane deals with an emotional fallout amidst a career high. Kat makes a choice not to run from her problems anymore."