Rose Hanbury’s Instagram Account Is Stunning

Stephen PondGetty Images

Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, has quite an artistic eye, as seen on her Instagram account. The account, which is under the name Houghton Hall, often posts stunning pictures of the landscape, as well as curated shots of her husband, her children, and even herself. The account currently boasts just shy of 40,000 followers.

Rose was recently thrust into the limelight following ugly accusations that she and her friend — and neighbor — Kate Middleton had fallen out due to their “rural rivalry.” However, after Prince William threatened several news publications with legal action, reporters started digging through gossip claiming that she and William had been engaging in an extramarital affair.

The whispers hit a peak after a food writer from The Times, Giles Coren, seemed to confirm the rumors in a since deleted tweet. Shortly afterward, rumors of Prince William’s affair went viral on Twitter, as reported by The Inquisitr. However, the rumors remain rumors, and nothing has been confirmed.

Though Rose has only been known to the wider public for a short time, she has been a fixture in English aristocratic circles for years, even earning a spot on Tatler’s 100 Most Invited List. Her husband, David Rocksavage, is not only the Marquess of Cholmondeley, but also the Lord Great Chamberlain. He was also described as “greatest catch in England” by The Daily Mail. The couple share three children together.

Her life at Houghton Hall is often documented in dreamy pictures that are reminiscent of a fairytale story. For example, one picture — in a scene that could come from a Disney movie — shows a white deer quietly resting under a tree.

Other pictures detail Rose’s attic finds, which are characteristically chic.

Pictures of the grounds are also consistently posted, especially since Rose and her husband are opening up their home to host an art exhibition this summer.

However, the account also features pictures of Rose, who has kept a low profile over the past few months. In one photo, Rose poses in pink silk pajamas against an ornate wooden headboard. Her look is natural, with her hair falling around her shoulders. She appears to go without makeup as she plays with her thumb.

In another photo, Rose wears a stunning blue maternity dress. Her long wavy locks again naturally fall around her shoulders, and she rests against an ornate peacock-blue sofa with gilded wooden trim. Behind the marchioness is a black-and-gold screen panel, and resting against the model are colorful silk cushions.

In the caption attached to this particular image, Rose says that she took the photo just days before giving birth to her daughter, Iris.

Ironically, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley also has a picture of Kate Middleton on her account, one which was a repost of a press picture from a gala the two couples had attended.