Oreo Separator: Physicist Builds Machine To Scrape Creme Off His Cookies [Video]

An Oreo separator machine is how one clever cookie fan manages to create his perfect snack.

David Neevel, a physicist, artis,t and copywriter by trade, is also a mega fan of Oreos. However, he doesn’t much care for the cookie’s signature creme filling. To remedy his dislike for the center portion of his beloved treat, Neevel built a machine that removes the creme for him.

Neveel shares his invention in an amusing YouTube video that chronicles the exhaustive efforts he put into his Oreo separator. He jokes that spent.04 years in its creation and was separated from his girlfriend and dog for “several hours” at a time.

Along with a tongue-in-cheek narration by its creator, the video details the inner workings of the machine which include a combination of motors, levers, and wire. There is even a hatchet involved in the process.

In the video, Neveel tells us that his Oreo separator doesn’t have an official slogan, but offers some quirky suggestions:

“I don’t have a catchphrase for my machine, but if I did have one I guess it could be something like ‘Let’s Get That Creme Outta There,’ or like, ‘This Creme’s No Good Get it Off the Cookie,’ or something.”

An article by Mashable writes that the video is an expansion of Oreo’s “Cookie vs. Creme” campaign. Playing on the age-old debate of which part of its cookie is better, the brand has taken to social media sites like Instagram and YouTube.

Janda Lukin, Brand Director for Oreo at Mondelez, explained:

“Social media harnesses two important ingredients — the power of the consumer and what’s trending in the world around us — to create compelling content that keeps consumers engaged, time and time again with the brand.”

Its a strategy that seems to be working. Oreo has over 32 million Facebook fans and more than 76,000 Twitter followers.

Ad Age writes that a recent Oreo campaign encouraged Instagram users to share photos of their preferred method of cookie-eating with the hashtag #cookiethis or #cremethis. The promotion was a success, drawing 46,000 submissions and boosting the brand to more than 85,000 Instagram followers.

You can catch David Neevel’s Oreo separator machine in action in the video below:

In addition to Neveel’s quirky Oreo separator machine, the company plans to release videos by three more cookie fanatics in the next few weeks.