June 6, 2019
Kelly Ripa Shares Adorable 'Approved' Prom Photos Of Daughter Lola Consuelos

Talk show host Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos love to share updates about their three children, but the kids aren't always on board with this. This has been the case for quite some time when it comes to Kelly and Mark's daughter Lola, who prefers to keep her private life private. Lola just went to her prom, and Ripa managed to get her daughter's approval to share a couple of photos from the big event.

Ripa posted two photos of Lola and her prom date via Instagram on Thursday afternoon. Kelly joked that it took a day to get the necessary approval from her daughter, but Lola finally allowed her mom to share a couple of glimpses at her look for the day.

Lola wore a gorgeous emerald-green, floor-length gown that was quite flattering on the 17-year-old's figure. Kelly's daughter wore her long, dark hair in waves swept to one side, and she added a delicate gold chain necklace and a gold bracelet.

Lola attended her prom with a young man named Tarek Fahmy, and the two went to prom together last year as well. In fact, as The Daily Mail has noted, Lola and Tarek's prom picture from last year that Ripa shared got a ton of likes, and Consuelos taunted her mom about how much more Ripa's fans liked it than some of Kelly's own personal posts.

It looks as if this year's prom photos of Lola's could garner even more love from Kelly's fans. Within about 30 minutes of being shared on Ripa's page, nearly 60,000 people had liked the post. In addition to that, nearly 2,000 commented, and people clearly thought that the teen looked absolutely gorgeous and radiant.

The first photo in Ripa's post showed Lola pinning a boutonniere onto Tarek's lapel, and the second was a stunning one showing Kelly and Lola together. Consuelos was wearing gold strappy heels that made her taller than her mom, and she wore a huge smile on her face.

Lola's dad Mark did share one of the same photos to his Instagram page. He noted that Kelly and Lola were his girls, and he added some heart emoji to the caption.

Fans of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos understand that Lola, along with her brothers Michael and Joaquin, don't want all of their personal business made public. However, everybody loves when they get glimpses into the family's day-to-day lives and special events like this, and they'll surely be anxious to see what Lola tackles in the months ahead.