NSYNC’s Joey Fatone Files For Divorce, Says ‘Bye, Bye, Bye’ To Wife Kelly Baldwin

Leon BennettGetty Images

Joey Fatone has been in the public eye since he was just a teenager. It’s easy to forget just how young many members of NSYNC there were when the group started. When Fatone joined the group in 1995, he was just 18-years-old. While the boy band had a ton of female fans in their prime, for most of his time with the band, Fatone was a married man. In fact, while many of his fellow band members were playing the field, Fatone has been in a relationship pretty much his entire adult life. However, that’s all coming to an end as he’s officially filing for divorce from his high school sweetheart and the mother of his children, as TMZ reports.

Fatone tied the knot with his soon-to-be ex-wife Kelly Baldwin way back in 2004, as People reported. However, the duo had already been dating for quite a few years prior to taking the next step in their relationship. In fact, their daughter Brianna was born in 2001 and was 3-years-old at the time of the wedding. Almost a decade later in 2010, according to People, the duo eventually had another daughter together, Kloey Alexandria.

It turns out that things have been troubled in Fatone and Baldwin’s marriage for quite some time now.

The pop star officially filed for divorce on May 13. He confirmed the divorce at the Critics’ Choice Real TV Awards on June 2, showing up with a date and telling Us Weekly that “I was, at one point, married, and now I am separated, going through a divorce.”

However, Fatone isn’t about to be enjoying the single man life anytime soon. In the midst of his marital issues, while he was separated from but not officially divorced from ex Kelly Baldwin, he began dating Izabel Araujo. The Brazilian beauty is officially from Rio de Janeiro, as her Instagram bio states, and spent time in Florida before finally landing in California.

The two have been dating for about four years now, and Araujo has shared plenty of pictures of the two of them on Instagram. They’ve gone on quite a few vacations and seem to make date night a priority in their relationship. In fact, on a post she shared where they were boating by the Golden Gate Bridge, a fan commented, “why don’t you two just get married already!”

The reason they haven’t taken the next step in their relationship was likely that Fatone is still legally married, even though he had been separated from his wife for several years. Perhaps when all the paperwork from his divorce is final, things between him and Araujo will progress to the next level.