Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Willow Faces Pressure From Harmony And Ryan’s Surgery Takes Place

Michael YadaABC

Viewers will not want to miss Thursday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers tease that Ryan will head into surgery to have his kidney removed and donated to Jordan, and everybody will be on pins and needles waiting for this to happen. In addition, Shiloh is doing everything he can to turn things back his way and this includes having Harmony pressure her daughter Willow into revealing key information.

Everybody saw the beginning of Harmony confronting Willow during Wednesday’s show and this continues during the June 6 episode. Shiloh tore into Harmony about the baby situation, and it took very little time for Harmony to head to Willow’s classroom at school.

Harmony started pleading with Willow to tell her where the baby is, saying that she knew her daughter needs her help. General Hospital spoilers from the Twitter sneak peek suggest that Harmony will get at least some of the information she needs from her daughter.

It seems doubtful that Willow would tell her mother the full truth about placing her son for adoption, as she is skeptical of her mother’s intentions. However, she may unwittingly reveal more than she intends.

Spoilers detail that at General Hospital, Ryan will be in surgery while Jordan waits for it to be her turn. Ryan supposedly signed the paperwork earlier this week consenting to be Jordan’s donor.

However, as The Inquisitr detailed, this seemed to come a bit too easily. It seems highly likely that viewers will discover that Kevin was in that bed signing the paperwork, pretending to be his brother and forging the consent paperwork.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that as Harmony and Willow talk, there will be whispered baby-related conversations taking place elsewhere in Port Charles as well. SheKnows Soaps notes that Julian will talk to Brad and urge him to keep his cool, and the sneak peek shows Julian talking to Alexis about the baby situation, too.

Seemingly after Harmony leaves the school, Willow will be shaken and will end up leaning on Michael’s shoulder again. General Hospital spoilers also indicate that Harmony will be hoping for help from Shiloh in some sense.

It certainly appears that this baby swap storyline is coming to a head, and The Inquisitr teased that Nelle will be popping up in some way next week to shake things up even further. Will the bombshell that “Wiley” is really Jonah finally become known to everybody who will be impacted by this heartbreaking shocker?

Did Kevin switch places with Ryan, and what comes of Ryan as this surgery is completed? Things have really been heating up in Port Charles over the past few weeks, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that there may still be some twists and turns on the horizon.