Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’ For Wednesday: Shiloh Threatens Harmony Into Doing His Bidding

Michael YadaABC Press

Harmony is back in Port Charles this week on General Hospital. She got wind of Shiloh being in the hospital and ran off to make sure he was okay. She was horrified to see how beaten up the Dawn of Day leader was. Unfortunately, things went from bad to worse for Harmony when Shiloh demanded that she find his child.

Shiloh’s true colors are showing. On Wednesday’s episode, his anger was evident. His manipulation was in high gear with Harmony when he grabbed her and demand she tell him the truth about his child. She claimed that she didn’t know that Willow was pregnant. Shiloh then told her that she better go find out where his baby is or she will no longer be a part of his trust. She will basically be thrown out of Dawn of Day, and his life, for good.

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central tease that Harmony will try to sway Willow into telling her all about the baby. Previews for Thursday reveal that she may get a hint from her daughter as to what happened with her child, and she may not even have to utter any words about him.

Willow is doing whatever it takes to protect Wiley from his father. Now she has her mother to deal with as well. There are rumors swirling that Harmony will end up finding out about Wiley and kidnap him for Shiloh. That is not a definite General Hospital spoiler, but it appears that she is willing to do anything for him at this point.

It was evident that Harmony was fearful that Shiloh would disown her. She was in tears when he told her that she was an empty vessel and that she was always jealous that he picked her daughter to be his number one instead of her. He then promised her that she would be the most important part of his inner circle if she finds his child.

Harmony has been totally brainwashed by Shiloh, even giving her daughter over to him. Will she really hand over her grandchild as well? There is always a possibility that she will finally see Shiloh for who he really is and turn on him before he can hurt anyone else. Maybe Neil can work his magic on her, too.

On Thursday’s General Hospital, Harmony will confront Willow by demanding to know where the baby is. Despite doing her best to keep Wiley safe, he is still in danger until Shiloh is out of the picture. Keep watching to see what Harmony will do when she learns the truth.