Disabled Children ‘Should Be Put Down’: City Councilman Apologizes For Comment

A city councilman in England claimed he was just trying to elicit a reaction when he publicly stated that disabled children “should be put down.” Cornwall councilman Collin Brewer made the comment to staff from the Disability Cornwall group — a group of advocates for those with disabilities.

Independent councilman Brewer has since been removed from the political group after his refusal to resign over the comments. Brewer was allegedly forced to write an apology for his comments, which he maintains were not meant in offense.

He reportedly told staff members that “disabled children cost the council too much money and should be put down.”

Sue Bennie from Camborne, has a 15-year-old son with a disability, and is one of the many parents who were infuriated by Brewer’s comment.

“I am trying very hard not to swear,” she said. “Words can never be taken back, others have resigned for less. I think he should go.”

While Brewer reportedly told BBC News that no calls had been made for his resignation, reports came this morning that Brewer has been asked not to return to the Independent political group where he held a seat.

Brewer excuse his comments, claiming that he had been in stressful budget meetings and was merely trying to provoke a reaction. He merely wanted to discuss the budget of city programs, he maintains.

“We had had a difficult morning deciding on budget and job cuts,” he claimed. “I listened to one of the ladies on the Disability Cornwall stall and came out with the comment.”

“If only I had not said that. I didn’t mean it. I did it to provoke a response and debate the issue of service costs provision. It backfired. I was treating her with a lack of respect and I shouldn’t have done it.”

He added that he “meant no offense.”

“I would defend disabled children to the last.”

What do you think of the councilman’s comments?

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