WWE Hall Of Famer Under ‘Internal Review’ After Incident With Fan At Ring Of Honor Event


A very strange incident from a recent Ring of Honor event has brought about an “internal review” with WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray aka Bubba Ray Dudley. This past Sunday, a fan named Josh Ketch hopped on Twitter and detailed an event that happened with him at the ROH show. He stated how he was asked to go backstage by security, confronted by Bully Ray, and this was after he got into a heated exchange with Velvet Sky.

Ketch told a very detailed story on Twitter which went through the early events of the night at the Ring of Honor show. He spoke of the first couple of matches which have really nothing to do with his tale, but then, he gets to the point of how he trash-talked a number of wrestlers.

Some of those wrestlers included the women of Ring of Honor with that specifically being Velvet Sky and Angelina Love of Allure. Ketch admits he called them “trash” and let them know that no one wanted them there since they are the heels or “bad guys” of wrestling.

Ketch says that Sky seemingly “loses her cool” and starts going back and forth with him in the trash talking. Eventually, the fan says that security went to his seat and asks him to come backstage to talk with him “about an incident” which eventually leads to him being confronted by Bully Ray who is a relationship with Sky.

Ketch says he was “intimidated,” so he agrees and gets to the end of the conversation to go back to his seat. He finishes it off by saying that the whole situation was “completely unbelievable and surreal.”

As always, there are two sides to every single argument and Bully Ray wasn’t just going to let things be said as if he wasn’t there.

POST Wrestling is reporting that Ring of Honor is not going to let this incident go by without doing something. The promotion is said to be conducting an “internal review” to investigate the whole situation and see exactly what happened.

Greg Gilleland is the General Manager for Ring of Honor and he released a statement regarding the situation.

“ROH has always taken fan-first approach, with fan experience being at the forefront of all of our live events. We consider this to be very serious and will be conducting an internal review over the next 48 hours to determine the appropriate actions. “

The fan also claimed that he was spat on and facepalmed by Mandy Leon of Allure during the time he was at ringside and trash talking.

Allure makes their debut in Ring of Honor.
Featured image credit: ROH

After Ketch gave his side and Bully Ray responded, all three members of Allure did share their thoughts about the incident.

Leon, Love, and Sky all spoke out against Ketch and accused him of sexually harassing the talent at the Ring of Honor show. Love even went as far as to say that he was acting like a victim and that he hopped on Twitter to “cry for attention.”

Ketch spoke of a man coming to get him out of the crowd and that the guy was Huner Johnston who is the head booker of ROH. Velvet Sky responded directly to that and said it was actually Brian Johnston who brought Ketch backstage and that he looks nothing like Hunter.

Ketch did issue what he said were his final words on the matter and admitted that he wasn’t sure if it was Hunter Johnson aka Delirious who approached him at his seat in the crowd.

Cageside Seats did point out that both Bully Ray and Velvet Sky confirmed someone in Ring of Honor did actually go get Ketch from his seat and bring him backstage. At that point, he was confronted by Bully Ray in an incident in which Ketch was alone and without anyone else around him.

This whole situation has two similar yet vastly different sides of how a very large situation went down at the Ring of Honor event this past weekend. For now, ROH is conducting an investigation into the incident, but it’s quite incredible to see just what went down with Bully Ray, Velvet Sky, the promotion, and the fan.