WWE Rumors: The Line That Dean Ambrose Refused To Say To Roman Reigns Was Extremely Tasteless


The last few months have been wild for Jon Moxley, the man formerly known as “Dean Ambrose” in WWE. He has left the company and joined All Elite Wrestling with a multi-year contract, and he has since spilled virtually everything about his time there which includes the reasons he really left. All of that included a line that Moxley told Vince McMahon he refused to say about Roman Reigns and it was honestly really distasteful.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Moxley revealed all of the reasons he chose to leave WWE in a lengthy interview with Chris Jericho. One of the reasons was due to how his feud with Seth Rollins was being written after Reigns took time off due to the revelation that his leukemia had returned.

There was one point where Reigns’ illness was used in the feud between Ambrose and Rollins, but it never happened again. While it was expected to be used as a focal point of that program, Ambrose said that he simply wouldn’t go that route and refused to do it.

Moxley told Jericho that he was given a very distasteful remark to say about Reigns, who is his friend. The line had something to do with Reigns battling leukemia and he simply refused to say it. Moxley said that he would tell Jericho off the air and that it was so bad that it may have caused WWE to lose sponsors such as the Susan G. Komen foundation.

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While the line was never uttered during the interview with Chris Jericho, a user on Reddit did reportedly find out what the line was and posted it for all to see. From that point, someone on Twitter screenshotted the line and tweeted it out for everyone to see.

Ambrose was supposedly going to tell Seth Rollins, “I don’t know who’s more of a dead man walking – Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns. Only difference is that I’m gonna kill Seth, and God is gonna kill Roman.”

The line is extremely distasteful and something that is just awful when thinking it is about someone’s leukemia battle. The Twitter user asked Chris Jericho if it was true, though, and the former World Heavyweight Champion squashed it.

According to Jericho, this is not the line that Dean Ambrose was instructed to say by Vince McMahon or a WWE writer. It’s hard to believe that the actual line has been made public if Moxley wouldn’t even say it during that tell-all interview recently with Jericho.