‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers And Rumors: Will Lola Say Yes To Kyle’s Proposal?

Johnny VyCBS

After Summer brought Theo to Billy and Victoria’s recommitment ceremony, Kyle rashly asked Lola to marry him on The Young and the Restless. Will Lola say yes to Kyle?

Kyle (Michael Mealor) and Lola (Sasha Calle) found Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Billy’s (Jason Thompson) recommitment ceremony so they said mini vows to each other after that. According to The Inquisitr‘s daily Y&R recap, Kyle was so in love with the moment, the vows and Lola to whom he popped the question. It almost certainly had nothing to do with Kyle proving to himself that he’s entirely over Summer (Hunter King) who brought Theo (Tyler Johnson) to the intimate family event.

Y&R’s official Twitter account tweeted a gif of the moment on its page, and fans instantly chimed in with what they loved or hated about the spontaneous moment between Genoa City’s newest cohabitating couple whose combined couple name is “Kola” (Kyle plus Lola).

Those who loved it replied with positive comments. One follower wrote, “That was actually a really beautiful proposal. Kyle and Lola getting carried away in their love, they profess mini vows to each other, and Kyle can’t help but want to make them real. That was a genuine moment when it clicked for him that he wanted forever as soon as possible. #Kola.”

Another suggested that the CBS Daytime drama is lucky to have found the actors who bring these characters to life. She replied, “This show desperately needed a couple like this. They should be thanking their lucky stars they found @Michael_Mealor and @SashaCalle #Kola.”

Of course, as with any storyline, not every viewer loves all of them and have plenty of negative things to say about Kyle and Lola’s blossoming romance, especially considering he so recently married and then dumped Summer.

One follower replied, “Gag. Lol sorry, not a fan of this couple. I’m trying.”

Several others chimed in with how they couldn’t enjoy Kyle and Lola’s romance for various reasons, including how Lola was so against taking things to the next level with Kyle until he married Summer, and then she suddenly moved forward with the guy she’d dumped over a too expensive purse at Christmas. Other viewers commented that Lola and Kyle are now a boring couple since they have moved in together.

However, no matter which way fans feel about Kyle and Lola at the moment, nearly all of them wanted to know what Lola’s answer to Kyle’s unplanned proposal will be. Given actress Eva LaRue’s recent social media posts about her first days filming as Lola’s mom, Celeste, it seems like Lola must eventually say yes.