‘General Hospital’ Spoilers & Speculation: Kevin Pulled A Fast One, Took Ryan’s Place To Consent To Surgery

Craig SjodinABC

Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital brought an interesting development, as a talk from Stella seemingly convinced Ryan to agree to donate a kidney to Jordan. Curtis thought it might be a trick and watched the paperwork get signed, but some fans thought this ended up being a bit too easy. Spoilers hint that there definitely might be more to this with a plot twist ahead.

SheKnows Soaps teased in their General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday that Kevin would pull a fast one. However, nothing much happened that fit that description, or at least, nothing obvious took place.

As this development of Stella convincing Ryan to cooperate played out, General Hospital fans took to Twitter and commented on how implausible this seemed. Stella gave Ryan a stern lecture, but it seemed like a sudden and unlikely turnaround for someone with his history.

However, some viewers across Twitter and other social media sites started to speculate why Ryan might have decided to be so agreeable. Is it possible that Kevin snuck in, pretended to be Ryan and forged the paperwork?

Viewers saw that someone mysteriously injected Ryan’s IV with something before all of this, which caused him to have a severe medical reaction. Heading into that incident, several people close to this situation had been considering extreme ways to make sure the transplant happened.

Kevin was on a suspicious phone call the other day, and Franco was made to look like he was behind this injection. In addition, Curtis and Finn talked about getting Ryan into surgery and ensuring he didn’t wake up again.

“Why do I have the feeling this is Kevin pretending to be Ryan? Either way, Mr. Lindstrom has been beyond amazing in these Duel [sic] roles,” one Twitter user wrote.

As speculation about this possibility developed, another General Hospital fan shared her theory on Twitter about how it could have happened.

“Omg, the injection knocked him out, they wheeled him out and Kevin in…..they’ll send nasty Ryan and both his kidneys off to prison or whatever later….y’all are so smart!”

If it was Kevin pretending to be his evil brother, fans will be curious to see exactly who was in on this plan. Kevin couldn’t have pulled it off himself, but how deep does this go?

Valerie was guarding the door, but the switch could have happened in another room. Was Stella involved? Do Curtis and Finn know? Was Franco in on it, and was he the one who injected Ryan to set the plan in motion?

There may have been some foreshadowing that Kevin would do something like this. After Ryan cut off his own hand and remained on the run, Kevin startled people in Port Charles. Lulu and Ava, for example, both had moments of seeing Kevin and thinking that he was Ryan.

All Kevin really had to do to pull this off was to keep his right hand hidden under the bed sheets and act as his brother would. If this is what happened, how soon will fans be given this information? Who worked together to pull this off? General Hospital spoilers suggest that there may still be some soapy twists on the way before this storyline is fully wrapped up.