Has The Queen Trolled Donald Trump Yet? The Internet Thinks So, The Experts, Not So Much

Dominic LipinskiGetty Images

U.S. President Donal Trump has arrived in the U.K. for a three-day state trip. Ever since, royal watchers noticed some interesting jewelry choices from the Queen during Trump’s last visit the anticipation has been exquisite.

Royal watchers have been analyzing everything that Queen Elizabeth II has worn during Trump’s stay so far, and the verdict is divided between those who believe the Queen is trolling Trump and those who merely believe she is making diplomatic choices.

The Queen is remaining tight-lipped on whether or not she is throwing shade the president’s way — after all a lady will never reveal her secrets. However, the internet is there to offer social commentary on her choices.

Here are all the things the Queen has done so far that has caused royal fans to question her motives towards the U.S. president.

That Time She Gave Donald Trump A Present

It all started with a gift to Donald Trump. The gift in question, according to Reuters, was a book by Winston Churchill about World War Two. While it seems like a benign gift, many on Twitter immediately started commenting regarding whether or not Trump will read it or if, in fact, he can even read. As to be expected, the shade thrown by the public on social media was brutal and swift.

In addition, while royal fans were questioning whether or not Trump would read it, there may have been an even subtler layer to the gift. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Winston Churchill is related to Princess Diana. It is a distant family tie for sure. However, Trump has made derogatory remarks about Diana in the past.

As pointed out by The Standard, Trump once commented in an interview with Howard Stern that he could have bedded Princess Diana. He then followed up the remark by stating that she would have had to get an HIV test first. So, the gift given by the Queen could have had an even more subtle meaning than first expected according to some royal watchers.

Of course, Trump is in the U.K. and will help commemorate the 75th anniversary of the World War Two D-Day landings, so perhaps this gift is merely something that ties in with this event. And, as The Western Journal points out, Trump is believed to be an admirer of Churchill.

When The Trumps Couldn’t Stay At Buckingham Palace

While royal watchers have been anticipating potential trolling by the Queen towards Donald Trump, once theU.S. president arrived, some fans believe that it started even before the Trumps arrived.

As Vogue points out, the Trumps are not staying at Buckingham Palace during their U.K. trip. The reason cited for this is the apparent extensive renovations going on at the palace. A palace that contains 775 rooms, of which 52 are reported as being “Royal and guest bedrooms.”

The renovations could be a legitimate reason for not having the Trumps stay with them. After all, anyone who has lived through their own renovations will know how disruptive they can be. However, the internet disagrees.

When The Queen Wore A Tiara

It is to be expected that the Queen will have to wear a tiara at some point during Trump’s visit and the state banquet on Monday night turned out to be the perfect occasion. However, while the Queen has many tiaras to choose from, her choice has gotten people talking.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Queen Elizabeth chose to wear a tiara that she had commissioned herself using Burmese rubies that were gifted to her. Town and Country believes that the Queen may have chosen her tiara with the red coloring in mind to match her royal blue sash and cream-colored dress to represent both the British and U.S. flags.

However, according to the internet, the Queen made her tiara choice because Burmese rubies are believed to ward off evil and disease. Make of that what you will.

However, according to Victoria Arbiter, the royal commentator for CNN, the Queen’s role is to make the president feel comfortable.

“The purpose of a state visit is to make the guest feel as welcome as possible,” Arbiter wrote on her Twitter account.

“It’s about reaffirming relationships and it is the Queen’s constitutional duty to lead the visit regardless of how controversial the figure might be.”

So far, the verdict is out on whether or not Queen Elizabeth is really throwing shade at Trump with her selective choices towards the president. And, let’s face it, royal watchers will never know for certain. However, with only one day down regarding the state visit and there is still plenty of time left for some more interesting choices from the Queen regarding Donald Trump.